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Fri 17 Jul 2020
at 19:01
IC: D&D with Fate Condensed...
I'm interested in running a game of D&D using the Fate Condensed rules. We would stick with the Fate rules and use them to run high-fantasy adventures in D&D worlds. We won't be adding a lot of new rules to emulate the rules of D&D. We're going to keep things light and character focused.

My initial thoughts for settings are Eberron or 4E's Points of Light / Nentir Vale. Though I'm open to a few other focused settings such as Al-Qadim, I'm not interested in running a generic Forgotten Realms game in Waterdeep or Neverwinter, etc.

I'm interested in seeing what the switch to Fate can do re: opening up typically off-limits options such as characters who are not combat focused and the inclusion of non-standard races. I do not use race-based alignment for various races, but I do require that the PCs and the group be the good guys.

So, would there be any interest in a game like this?
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Fri 17 Jul 2020
at 20:33
IC: D&D with Fate Condensed...
I don't know, nor own, Fate, but I would definitely be interested in trying out a D&D game world with the Fate rules. I did the same with dX and it was really fun! I love the D&D systems, but they can be cumbersome even at the best of times.

If this game gets started, please Rmail me. I may will need help with the rules, but I'm willing to buy into the system if this gains a following.

Edit: Thanks for the SRD! Count me definitely interested. I'll read up a little on it, and if a game starts I'll just need a little leeway for me making newbie errors. :)

Fingers crossed you get some more interest. :)

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Fri 17 Jul 2020
at 21:31
IC: D&D with Fate Condensed...
The rules are legally and freely available here:
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Sun 19 Jul 2020
at 15:26
IC: D&D with Fate Condensed...
Interested, old FUDGE guy here. I do miss the simplicity of that system. But very interested in FINALLY learning Fate!