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Wed 15 Jul 2020
at 12:38
Multi-party, multi-city game?
I have a home brew setting that I have used for many years.

Since I moved rural most of my gaming is online, but the problem I'm having is that with online play, it seems more difficult to coordinate game times. It's still hard to get a full party together at times.

I have 4 major cities in my setting, each with a distinctly different focus and because I've had trouble with getting more than 2-3 people online at a time, I thought of running multiple parties and allowing them to start in whichever city they choose.

The core of the idea is to be able to run several sessions a week, for several small parties. I can handle tuning a game for a smaller group. I have lots of time on my hands, and I've yet to find my limit of rpgs, despite 40 years or so of playing.

How does everyone feel about this idea?  I have in my mind some basic structures/mechanics to handle interaction between the parties (should that ever occur), I have had good experiences with play-by-post etc.

However, I only have one mind and two eyes and I'd like to dig out as many pitfalls and gotchas before I start anything.

So, your mission should you accept it, is to shoot holes in this idea so that I can make plans, setup rules etc. to ensure the game doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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Wed 15 Jul 2020
at 12:46
Multi-party, multi-city game?
What system is this game meant to be played in? Can you elaborate on how you plan to run these games, will it be scheduled posting periods where you attend to this group or that, or when you can manage?

What's the basic story?
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Wed 15 Jul 2020
at 12:47
Multi-party, multi-city game?
Can you share a little more detail about your proposed game (i.e. genre, time period, themes, tone)?

You say that it's a home brew setting.  Do you use home brew rules, an established game system or do you run it free-form?

When you say that you're able to run several sessions a week, do you plan to meet with your players at set times via Discord/Roll20/etc., or will you run this on the forums here at RPOL?