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Sun 12 Jul 2020
at 10:09
IC: (Fate) Transhuman Space?
I've just opened up a spot in my RPOL games, and '"m trying to think of what I wanna do next...

I'm real comfortable with Fate games and I'm thinking of a science fiction game.   I have the PDF (and just ordered the physical book) for Mindjammer....

Any interest in a transhuman space Fate game?

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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 03:53
IC: (Fate) Mindjammer?
Do players need to own it to play, or are free-and-legal online FATE resources sufficient?
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 04:15
IC: (Fate) Mindjammer?
Always interested in transhuman play... not so sure about FATE.  I'm not proficient with the rules (it's been ages since I've played that was 1e Dresden at that).

But if i don;t have to have the books to muddle along, I'm game.
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Mon 13 Jul 2020
at 07:13
IC: (Fate) Mindjammer?
I cannot speak to the legality of how you obtain your source material.

I do kinda feel that you really will need access to the book to be familiar with the setting and navigate through the relative complexities involved.  I don't know what those complexities are yet.  I've literally just purchased the PDF.  It's going to take me a week or two to absorb much of it.

I may opt for a Fate Core Space Opera option instead, but I'm eager to look through Mindjammer first.   I haven't done a good transhuman game since GURPS Transhuman Space (first edition) was released...  and I never quite meshed with the Eclipse Phase system...

ANd Hey... I ran DFRPG (Pre-Fate Core) for several years...  So, I getcha!

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