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Fri 26 Jun 2020
at 05:58
IC: Tales from the Crypt (Fate / Horror)
Hello, kiddies. Its your old pal, the Crypt Keeper, here...

Im looking to run some horror one-shots using Fate. This is mostly an excuse to experiment with using Fate for horror games. Im a long-time fan of horror and horror gaming, Ive just never gotten around to using Fate for horror. I will be mainly using Fate of Cthulhu, Fate Accelerated, and the Fate Horror Toolkit to run these one-shots. I will also draw inspiration from most other horror games, including the Tales from the Crypt RPG.

The premise is simple. We use the anthology horror series concept as the framework for the game, have however many episodes of gory fun, and a rotating cast of characters to enjoy. If youre only interested in a one-shot, youre welcome to play. If youre interested in staying for more, thats good too. Fair warning: Id only be running one episode at a time.

As its Fate, wed work on world building as a group for each episode, but keep it fairly light as we're really only using that world for one episode.

So, whaddaya say? Would any if you nice boils and ghouls be interested?

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 Hopepunk with a shovel
Fri 26 Jun 2020
at 10:25
Tales from the Crypt
I ain't great with Fate, but so long as this isn't Adult and involves equal-opportunity mangling and marmalisation, heck yeah!

The group world building thing rarely works on RPoL though, just saying (I've heard rumours of it working out on the forum here but never seen it myself). People tend to vanish or run out of steam before they hit IC interaction. Maybe have everyone pitch an episode once they've joined and arrange/edit them how you think best?
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Fri 26 Jun 2020
at 12:21
Tales from the Crypt
I'm interested. it sounds like a lot of fun!
Der Rot Konig
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Mon 29 Jun 2020
at 20:41
Tales from the Crypt
Shame I'm completely unfamiliar with the system as I dig the concept.