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Sun 21 Jun 2020
at 02:12
Seed Ship
I've recently acquired a copy of Eclipse Phase (but haven't finished reading it yet), and it got me thinking about an old game idea that I'd like to toss out here for review/additional ideas.  The basic premise is based off of the Netflix series Knights of Sidonia: you have a seed ship, and you're looking for a new home.

Things I want to borrow from the series:
1) The War with the Gauna.  Let's face it, that's pretty much the basis/background of the story.
2) Genetic Modification of humans.    Genetic engineering allowed humans to photosynthesize, in which they only need to eat/drink once a week.   In addition, there is also a third gender; which I believe is called "Bigender".   There are at least four characters that I can think of that are immortal, though it's a chemical immortality, through the use of medication.
Note: Bigender typically become male or female once they choose a mate.

Things I want to borrow from Eclipse Phase:
1) Character building, including the idea of uploading a pilot's consciousness into a Frame (i.e. mecha).  Training is always the most expensive part of a soldier's kit, so the cost saving there should produce a sufficient reason in the backstory.
What I'm thinking of is a more limited form of consciousness transfer.  If your Frame gets destroyed, you'd have some sort of mental (and temporary) trauma as "You" try and reconcile the  "death" you suffered.  I believe that Eclipse Phase has rules in this regard.

What I need help with:
While I'm perfectly capable of managing combat in the form of a system game, I need a co-GM (or someone similar) to help with additional story ideas.   I'd expect two basic plot elements: The ongoing war with the Guana and life ongoing in the Seed Ship.

So....thoughts, ideas?