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Sun 17 May 2020
at 02:20
Force and Destiny Play by Post
Does anyone have experience (or good ideas for) handling the session-based elements of the FFG Star Wars games?

Namely, Obligation for Edge of the Empire, Duty for Age of Rebellion, and especially Morality for Force and Destiny?

Obligation and Duty I think are somewhat easier to manage by simply introducing bounty hunters or missions as the game unfolds, though I would like to know if anyone has introduced, been exposed to, or heard of good methods for doing so.

Morality seems to be more finicky, due to the dice roll involved.  Anyone have any thoughts?  (Just keep a tally and do a roll after each scene or adventure?  Modify conflict appropriately and roll after every important action?  Ignore rolls and provide direct +/- Morality for each action?)

Just seeing if anyone has run or played in a game that handled these well, while I consider how to homebrew it well.