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Tue 7 Apr 2020
at 01:00
Omnihedron Games: Duty & Honour, Beat to Quarters
For those familiar with these rules sets, mostly for Role Playing and Action in Napoleonic times (1792-1815), I would like to try to modify the settings to include social activities and female player characters as well. The time period could be expanded, either earlier or later, or could be transferred to the US or anywhere.

If enough people are interested, we might try several settings: conflicts on land and/or at sea, and conflicts in the drawing rooms of cities like London or in the English towns or countryside.

For those who are interested, Drive Thru RPG has these Rules sets for sale at "Pay what you Want", so that every player can have a complete set.
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Wed 8 Apr 2020
at 17:18
Omnihedron Games: Duty & Honour, Beat to Quarters
That system is surprisingly compelling, and it's amazing that they are PWYW. I'm not normally interested in Napoleonic history, but I do love nautical teamwork. The way this system manages Missions and advancement (especially reputations), and resolving team-based skirmishes and ship engagements seems like the right amount of abstraction while remaining focused on the PCs stories.

I am intrigued to hear your ideas for including more social activities and non-military character types since the purely military focus is the least interesting part of the system for me. As a fan of Good Society and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I'm curious how you'd envision drawing room missions/voyages.

Reading Beat to Quarters gives me an itch to try it in space for stories something like The Expanse.
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Wed 8 Apr 2020
at 21:04
Omnihedron Games: Duty & Honour, Beat to Quarters
For those not familiar with the game system, there are only four Attributes/Traits, called 'Measures', for Player Characters and NPCs. What interests me, in particular, is that these same 'Measures' can apply for non-fighters and female characters as well.

[ ] Guts
[ ] Discipline
[ ] Influence
[ ] Charm

Character Creation also includes Skills, Backgrounds, Life Experiences, Reputations, Wealth, etc., which, also, may apply to anyone.

Missions, Engagements, Skirmishes, Reputations,, are the basis in the Rules for Military adventures. However, with a little creativity, these terms all can be applied to social settings and intrigues, in sitting rooms, ballrooms, or most anywhere in towns and in the country.

Individual and team encounters are both possible.

So, I'm thinking more Duty & Honour than Beat to Quarters. And, yes, the purely military adventures in both beg for miniatures and a tabletop. But, I believe, all of the rest is possible in a PbP Game, with creative thinking and creative players!
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Tue 14 Apr 2020
at 21:50
Omnihedron Games: Duty & Honour, Beat to Quarters
I have ran both without minis, and really had no complaints. Needed to make sure descriptions were clear or things that were important to tone were lost.