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Thu 2 Apr 2020
at 21:31
IC: Fight! Second Edition?
So, I was bumbling around last night and stumbled on the book for Fight! Second Edition.  I got struck by inspiration to put together the first campaign I've written in a long time.  For those that aren't aware, Fight! is a system used for players to play in a world best described as the Fighting Game Genre.  It has players make characters with statted-up special moves as well as non-combat skills and the like.

The idea I had was to create a game setting in the vein of Tenjou Tenge, The Breaker, and Real Bout High School where the players play new high school characters with high levels of martial arts experience and ki in a serious plotline with comedy and romance all rolled into it.  It's a normal world with the idea of a martial arts underbelly to it.  When I design these games, I design full on lists of NPCs that live their own lives while the PCs are playing their characters and provide interaction.  The goal for me is to breathe life into this world to make all the NPCs more than plot devices.  There will be TONS of plots and subplots to discover with their own timetables that advance if they are not discovered and change the world.  The scale of the campaign will get larger as the characters start to go through their own introspection of their styles of fighting.

So, given that I tend to write full on worlds like this when I GM, I wanted to see if other people would really be up for joining in a game like this?  Since it requires a lot of effort to design this sort of organic world with NPCs that have all their own goals, hopes, and dreams, I didn't want to continue the undertaking if nobody was interested in it.

What do you all think?