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The Resistance (Interest Check and ideas?)
The Resistance

The Plot/Background

The idea began with a clever scientist in Brittania, a powerful country encompassing all of Europe, who, in the beginning of his career, aspired to'create powerful soldiers that could outmatch those of Brittania's rival nations. It was a good idea at first, however, this idea became too inhumane for Britannia's citizens, and it was disbanded. Dissatisfied, the scientist and few of his collegues took their research and fled to Rodel, a neighboring, rival country, one much smaller than Brittania. There this scientist continued his work, only there were no volunteers to become his super-soldiers. He needed human test subjects. Where would he find people to test this theory on, and would this theory even prevail? Would it work?

A few months later, children started going missing in the small, poor border towns of Brittania. The number of children that "ran away" or "went missing" grew, day by day, week by week, skyrocketing into the thousands within just a year. These children weren't necessarily troubled and running from problems. They were taken. The Head Scientist, as he became known, was building an army.

These kids were tested on and transfused with the genes of different animals. Some died, some got really sick, and some went crazy. Finally... One child, a young girl, was a success. She became strong and powerful, the perfect example of a super soldier, everything the Head Scientist wanted. One they had one success, the thousands of children were each turned, one by one, and the rate of success grew and grew. They started to build an army and train these kids to fight. The Head Scientist at the base in Rodel called them Chimeras, half human, half animal.

The government of Britannia got word of these disappearances, then of the testing, and eventually, war broke loose between Rodel and Britannia. The only problem was that the Britannian army ended up fighting (and ultimately killing in some cases) the kids they were trying to rescue.

Coming to the present, the year 1940, fifteen years after kids started being stolen, the two armies are still fighting and kids are still being taken from the border towns. Some of these kids became cold blooded killers, insane. Some are scared and want out. Some escaped. However, even escaping doesn't truly mean freedom, not for the chimera kids. The Brittanian army hunts these children down, wanting them for questioning and seeing them as threats. Everywhere is dangerous, especially for these loose children, some now turned adults. Who can stop this situation? What if a different force rose? What if you could help? What are you going to do about it? What if you could resist?

If you would like to sign up or are interested in joining, feel free to post! I'll put a little character creator here to help you out, and I'll post my character for this too. This is actually a novel that I'm working on! This will be a very literate RP. I'd like at least full paragraph posts so we can move the story along well and build up the world. Feel free to add suggestions/advice.