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Fri 1 Nov 2019
at 13:59
Eldritch Skies (Adult)
So I've been recently reading the Eldritch Skies RPG and it seems a good setting for a future-tech based rpg of lovecraftian horror. I haven't totally read the rules yet, am not overly familiar with unisystem, but have read the background chapters and I like the premis at least.

My intial thoughts is a civilian science team who have landed their craft on a newly discovered alien world and in the process of surveying it for the suitability of building a human colony there. I 'd rather they were scientists than OPS members but may allow one or two OPS operatives as this is, after all, a survey team involved in a pre-colonisation project.

The question is, is anyone else interested in this sort of game?

I'd like to rate it adult and would be looking for a good enough number of players to get it going at the start (at least 5 or 6). I'm also thinking of making it semi-sandbox with some adventure style plots thrown in and the idea of this long-term turning into a colony building excersize.