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Mon 21 Oct 2019
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IC: Solo player with GM games [Closed Thanks]

I'm looking to GM for a solo player in one of the following games: Lone Wolf Adventure Game (Cubicle 7), Coriolis The Third Horizon (Fria Ligan), Forbidden Lands (Fria Ligan), Carbon 2185 (Dragon Turtle Games).

I would like the player to be involved in creating some NPCs that their character would have as contacts, perhaps hired muscle for the more intellectual PC or healers for the more combat focused PC. Also, I'd like to have an idea of the type of game/campaign any potential player is interested in too, rather than each of us having a pre-conceived idea of the game only to find out the player absolutely hates the dungeon crawl I've painstakingly written out for them.

I would say the game would be a mature/adult rating but that in no way means there has to be any specifically adult/intimate content, just purely to give the opportunity for more mature themes to be explored if so desired.

If you are interested in playing a single player game of any of the above titles (I've got the majority of published books for those games, hence those particular choices) then just send me an rmail and we can discuss what types of characters/campaigns you like and go from there.

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