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Sat 19 Oct 2019
at 23:35
Vampire 5th Edition
Would anyone be up for running or playing a VtM 5e game?
 member, 216 posts
Sun 20 Oct 2019
at 01:10
Vampire 5th Edition
I'd be interested in playing! There were a couple of very well put together V5 campaigns that went up a few months ago, but unfortnately the posting rate was a little strenous for me.

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Sun 20 Oct 2019
at 02:18
Vampire 5th Edition
My games typically do a fairly fast posting rate but if I can find enough players I'd love to play one.
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Sun 27 Oct 2019
at 01:36
Vampire 5th Edition
I must confess I haven't played in avery long while, but would love to get back into it. If you do start, may I join you?
 member, 100 posts
Mon 28 Oct 2019
at 16:14
Vampire 5th Edition
Count me in
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 I'm sorry,
Mon 28 Oct 2019
at 22:55
Vampire 5th Edition
+1, my book is just gathering dust at this point.
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 Punk rock joy!
 Molotovs in stemware.
Tue 29 Oct 2019
at 03:35
Vampire 5th Edition
Mark me as interested as well.
 member, 187 posts
Fri 20 Dec 2019
at 14:44
Vampire 5th Edition
Did this ever materialize?