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Thu 29 Aug 2019
at 02:28
IC : Derelicts and Dreadnoughts (SWN)
Greetings. So I've finally jumped from the frying pan into the fire and inquire if anyone would be interested in joining a short series of adventures into the dangers and enigmas of the Void using the Stars Without Number system. I am still settling down with the rules and this would be my first romp with SWN but not with RP games and Pbp.

The setting of the sector would be a mish mash of influences from Dark Matter, Esper Genesis and good old WH40k. We will be using mostly vanilla rules with a couple of hacks here and there, some of which include decreasing the lethality for PCs. We will incorporate elements from the Codex of the Black Sun as our basis for psionic/sorcery powers in our Space Fantasy. Magic in the setting is... different and not to be treated like how magic is used in Starfinder or even Spelljammers. Aliens and other sci-fi fantasy races will be included to a degree. More on the inner workings later if and when an ad is up.

Anyways, for the intro sessions my base idea is that the PCs will be starting off aboard a recently reconditioned transport ship. While en route to a supply station, the ship mysteriously splinters away from the scavenger fleet and jumps into a relatively unknown system somewhere deep in the Outer Rims.

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Thu 29 Aug 2019
at 02:41
IC : Derelicts and Dreadnoughts (SWN)
It sounds like you have an excellent game in mind, and I expect there are going to be a few of us crazy space game fanatics that want to play all of that, but there might be some value to at least advertising a focus on a smaller number of elements, so people don't flee in terror from the sheer complexity.
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Thu 29 Aug 2019
at 05:12
IC : Derelicts and Dreadnoughts (SWN)
I've got a hankering for sci-fi and a semi-eldritch space mystery seems like a good time.
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Fri 30 Aug 2019
at 11:36
IC : Derelicts and Dreadnoughts (SWN)
*dons Papa Nurgle is the Beast t-shirt*

I'm interested.

As a side note, why not use SWN for a WH40K game...
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Fri 30 Aug 2019
at 13:32
IC : Derelicts and Dreadnoughts (SWN)
In reply to Hendell (msg # 2):
Hi and I fully agree with you on your observation. I will do what I can to control my eagerness and make the game ad not too much of a mouthful. ;)

In reply to GreyGriffin (msg # 3):
Greetings and thanks for +1 Interest

In reply to Morty (msg # 4):
*pulls out a Khorne Rulz foam finger*

I know right? I could run that later once I get intimate enough with the rules to customize SWN to the less grim and slightly dark future setting.

*madly rushes out of the forum carrying a hope as thin as a spiders web that the Inquisition has not heard the heretical statement*

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