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Tue 9 Jul 2019
at 19:03
Opinions: Which version of D&D for Pokemon-like game?
I have an idea for a tongue-in-cheek D&D campaign where the players travel from arena to arena with monsters inside of magical spheres which they use to combat other guilds for badges and prestige. The idea would be that they can summon a monster of their CR or lower, and if they succeed at a skill roll they can command it, otherwise it wanders off, attacks as random, or turns on its owner until dispelled.

Advice on the best version of D&D to run this in? My initial thought is 4th Edition, since that's the most cinematic and action-y, but would love to hear from others.

As a side bar, I'm not interested in any other system than D&D, as there will also be other elements included, so please, no mention of Savage Worlds, FATE, Palladium, etc. I know they all have their flair, but this will be a D&D game.
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Tue 9 Jul 2019
at 20:04
Opinions: Which version of D&D for Pokemon-like game?
While 4e is perhaps better at tactical combat with large numbers of enemies there really isn't an advantage to 1 on 1 fights, by PCs or monsters.

3e hasn't got anything like a CR parity to it, so that path is going to need so much custom rule use it may as well not be D&D any more.

5e has a few monsters that are outside the normal CR range, but most of them have significant weaknesses or are CR 8+ so unless you plan to start in the mid level range it shouldn't be a problem.  There are even summoning spells that offer at least a thematic way to control summoned monsters built right into the system.

It doesn't sound like you want to use literal monster conjuration spells but the cosmetic aspect of them could help at least.
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Thu 11 Jul 2019
at 06:44
Opinions: Which version of D&D for Pokemon-like game?

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