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Wed 19 Jun 2019
at 21:01
IC: Free-Form Cross-Genre RP
I have an idea for a loose, character-driven, West Marches type of game.

1. Each player chooses the intellectual property their character comes from (i.e. Star Trek, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Disney, etc.).
2. Once a player chooses that IP, it's locked to anyone else.
3. You can play a canon character from that IP, or create your own.
4. Each IP opens a gate to all the others.
5. Player adventures will take them from place to place, kind of like the trees in "Nightmare Before Christmas."
6. Everyone will work together to develop stories/missions that everyone can participate in (for example, "Dr. Doom has taken over Coney Island and plans to launch a rocket. We have to stop him!)
7. Once the story is concluded, everyone moves on.

Free-form. I don't want to restrict player's imaginations or try to impose limits on abilities. If someone wants to play Superman and someone else wants to play Snoopy, have at it.

Any interest?
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Wed 19 Jun 2019
at 22:16
IC: Free-Form Cross-Genre RP

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Sat 29 Jun 2019
at 19:06
IC: Free-Form Cross-Genre RP
I don't have an abundance of time at present, so not an expression of interest as such, but I thought it unfortunate that this had no replies, as I think this idea could potentially work if it was actual genre-crossing rather than fanfic crossing.

See, most times if people want to do a [media] fan game, they want it to be all about that specific piece of media, because it's their favourite. If they want a crossover, they usually want it with one specific thing, and it's long odds that a stranger is going to come up with that.

However, if you come up with a rough overarching plot like "a Generic High Fantasy wizard accidentally summons randoms from a bunch of different realms [genres], and they have to quest about the Hall o' Doors dropping everyone off" then you're giving players the option to play a character that embodies the aspects of a genre they love without tying them to being Snoopy, or Superman, or a Sindy doll. Basing the realms visited off the characters that come from them - e.g. Generic Action Hero Bombo's world might be gritty, campy, obliviously dystopian or cartoonish depending on how Bombo was portrayed - would create investment and engagement, too.