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Sun 9 Jun 2019
at 02:02
Anima: BF what to run?
Finally have free time again, and looking to get back to my namesake system Anima: Beyond Fantasy.  I love that there's so much you can do with it, but sometimes you have to parse away some stuff just so the party all stays on the same track.

Thus, I'm asking around for what themes would draw the most players.  It could be specific power systems like "Magic academy", "martial arts tournaments" or "Pokemon: anima summoners edition".  On the other end of the spectrum, it could be a specific organization like Wissenschaft, Samael, or the Inquisition.  Maybe even the choice between "growing newbie adventurers" or "jaded high level ascended looking to solve their boredom".

What sounds good?
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Wed 26 Jun 2019
at 20:49
Anima: BF what to run?
Well. Now I want Pokemon: Anima Summoners Edition...
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Mon 29 Jul 2019
at 20:48
Anima: BF what to run?
It's been so long since I've dusted off my Anima: Beyond Fantasy rulebook, but ah....that would be so much fun to play. No idea if this is still on the table for you, but I'd certainly be in for anything. Just would need to get used to the way it works.....

Man, this game had some of the most unique concepts. I'd love some form of Martial Arts Academy game, or some spin on that idea. I'd definitely be willing to help brainstorm and toss some ideas back and forth though!