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Sat 20 Apr 2019
at 03:46
IC: Doctor Who...
Im itching for some Doctor Who action, but Im not sure what players would be most interested in.

Official Doctor? Original Doctor? No Doctor? PC Doctor? NPC Doctor? Official companions? Originals only?

Wed use the official Doctor Who RPG unless theres an incredibly compelling reason to use something else.

So, Doctor Who fans of RPOL, what style of Doctor Who game would you be most interested in playing?
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Sat 20 Apr 2019
at 06:51
IC: Doctor Who...
For me it would be an NPC doctor but original not from the TV.

But I'd also love to play in a Torchwood type Dr who game to with no doctor
White Cat
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Sat 20 Apr 2019
at 17:16
IC: Doctor Who...
I'd probably be the same way -- original (probably NPC) Doctor and companions. I wouldn't mind a PC Doctor, but of course it is tricky apportioning roles like that in a PBP environment where you don't really know people.
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Sun 21 Apr 2019
at 02:08
IC: Doctor Who...
I've always preferred original characters (companions and Time Lord). It gives more freedom to players and the campaign.
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Sun 21 Apr 2019
at 04:01
IC: Doctor Who...

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was moot, at 04:10, Sun 21 Apr.

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Mon 22 Apr 2019
at 00:36
IC: Doctor Who...
Haven't seen the the rulebooks yet, but have watched almost all the episodes (classic, movie, and new).

In my opinion, 'The Doctor' should be an NPC, and overall control, but have companions - most of the time, anyway.  In the new series, references have been made to other travelling Time-Lords, like 'The Corsair' who has a tattoo on the arm in all incarnations regardless of gender (mentioned when The Doctor went outside the universe), and there is The Doctor's daughter (Ginny), and 'Dead-Clara' and Her (or was it Self?) in the Diner-Tardis, even 'The Master/Mistress'... Any of these could easily be PC-run.

The companions really should be player-designed... new people, new ideas...

Multiple Time-Lords and their story-lines can be color-coded (or Named) with a climbing count on their segments to break up story arcs, and keep the story-lines mostly separate (White 005, White 006, Red 004, etc.)  while allowing group cross-overs (Blue 005/Green 003)... a good way to drop little 'spoilers' (and story ideas) in the player's path (because it's all timey-wimmy [honestly never thought I'd type that]) and it's self-archiving...
12th Doctor
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Mon 22 Apr 2019
at 13:18
IC: Doctor Who...
Multiple NPC Time Lords with original Companions (no more than, say, 2 or 3 per Time Lord, otherwise I think it muddies things up, but that's just my opinion).

An interesting twist might be that the Time Lords find each other at some point and switch Companions based on PC skill sets: "Sorry, old girl, might I borrow your Xenoarcheologist? Only, I've just uncovered a hollow world filled with alien hieroglyphics and something involving a countdown timer..."
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Mon 22 Apr 2019
at 19:38
IC: Doctor Who...
So it sounds like the consensus is an original NPC Doctor with original companions. I can work with that.

If you're interested come on over...

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