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Wed 20 Feb 2019
at 18:55
IC: Solo games?
Hi all,

I played in a solo game once that was quite fun.  I liked the pace, and have been itching to run a solo game.  I've got a couple of group games I'm running, and would enjoy the faster pace of a solo game.

I don't have a strong feel right now for the type of game I want to run.  Here are some possibilities to see if anyone is particularly drawn to any of them.

1) Dimension hopping with Lords of Gossamer & Shadow.  I've got a variant on the rules I've used for a couple of RPOL games that has worked well.  With just a single player, the focus would be on pulp action across the worlds.  This may or may not include the standard LoGaS setting.

2) Pulp time travel action.  I'm a big fan of time travel messing up timelines, and not such a big fan of historical grittiness.

3) Something else?  I'd probably enjoy running a fantasy game, although I tend toward more rules light systems than not, so it wouldn't be using any of the typical systems.

Any of those strike anyone?

For my part, I like running pulp action sorts of games.  I use light systems so combats don't take up much more time than anything else.  Cool ideas are great, I'm unlikely to say "that won't work because the system doesn't allow it".  It might not work for other reasons, but those should  be apparent (like a lack of PC skill, opposition actions, etc).

Edited to add the last paragraph to give people an idea of my GMing style.

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Wed 20 Feb 2019
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IC: Solo games?
I'd be fairly interested in the latter two concepts. You can send me an Rmail if you want to discuss specifics.
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Fri 19 Apr 2019
at 18:06
IC: Solo games?
Yeah. All of those sound pretty fun to me. I do t know lords of gossamer and shadows but your descriptions seem pretty interesting. Feel free to reach out  if you want to go forward with one of those