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Important Places
By far the most important place in this game is London. This stinking, pestulent rathole is the centre of the English universe with a population approaching half a million. The prime Atlantic port of Bristol is England's second city with a population of only 25,000, Edinburgh is a similar size and all others are little more than towns and villages at this time. A few places of note are listed below:

London 500,000
Edinburgh 25,000
Bristol 25,000
Newcastle, England's third city 12,000
York 6,000
Nottingham 4,000
Plymouth - port used for sailing west and south.
Blackwall and Chatham - England's major shipyards.
Dover - port used for crossing the channel (typically 3 hours each way). It is a single street of cottages and a few outlying farms. The frequently derelict castle is used intermittently as a prison.

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