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Who's Who
This Role Playing Game is a work of Fiction. A number of historical names have been included in order to impart a facade of realism to the game, but these are often no more than names, dates of birth and job titles. All personalities, dispositions and deeds used to fill out the characters (apart from those that are a matter of historical record) are entirely fictional and no disrespect to the ancestors of any individual or family is intended or should be inferred.

There follows a list of 'household names' that would be known to anyone of learning.

Real NPCs:


King Charles II - born 29th May 1630, a lovable rogue more interested in chasing skirt than governing his country, but if his attention can be tied down, he is a formidable if capricious power.

Prince James Stuart, Duke of York - born 1633, the king's brother and future King James II, he is heir to the throne and has the authority and influence of a crown prince, but has little actual power.

King Louis XIV of France - born 1638, a forceful ruler and Charles' cousin, with whom a cool friendship is maintained throughout this period.

King Phillip IV of Spain - born 1605, a long time Rival of the English kings, former king of Portugal.

Johann de Witt, Grand Pensionary (Stadtholder) of Holland - born 1625, the leader of the Dutch Republic.

King Alfonso VI of Portugal - born 1643, Charles' brother-in-law, with whom a comfortable friendship is maintained throughout this period. He is 'mentally feeble' and his mother acts as regent.

Mehmed IV Sultan of the Ottoman Empire - born 1642, he spends much of his time hunting. His forceful Grand Vizier Mehmed Koprulu, born 1575 is the power behind the Empire.

Prominent people in 1661:

Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor, Minister of State - born 1609, he is an accomplished statesman father in law of Prince James and chief advisor to the King.

George Goring, Earl of Norwich, Captain of the King's Guard - born 1585

Anthony Cooper, Baron Ashley, Chancellor of the Exchequer - born 1620, an accomplished statesman, he holds the purse-strings of England.

George Villiers, Earl of Buckingham, Captain of the King's Guard, Minister of War - (The son of Cardinal Richlieu's enemy) born 1628, an accomplished statesman with England's foreign policy in his pocket, he is probably England's second most powerful man after Clarendon, relegating the king to third place.

Henry Bennett, Earl of Arlington, Minister of Justice - born 1618, he is a fat, self-seeking indulger whose only use for power is the prestige it brings him.

John Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale (Deputy Minister of Justice) - born 1616, a master statesman and the unscrupulous Secretary of State for Scotland.

George Monck, Duke of Albermarle, (Field) Marshal of England - born 1608. At this time there is only one field marshal, who is the supreme commander of his majesty's army. He is also a Deputy Minister of War.

Prince Rupert, Duke of Cumberland, Army Commander - born 1619, this dashing hero of the civil war is now second in command of the armies of England. He is second in line to the throne (after James).

Sir Stephen Fox, Paymaster of the Forces (Army Quartermaster General) - (background TBD)

Joseph Williamson, Minister of the Interior - born 1633. A firm believer in totalitarianism, the King's 'spymaster general' attempts to control the press and the populace of England as much as he is able. He is thwarted only by (relative) lack of manpower and the disinterest of the court.

Barbara Palmer (Lady Castlemaine), the King's mistress - born 1640, has the King's ear (and various other parts of his anatomy) and is famed for manipulating him and other members of the court. Tall, self-assured and promiscuous, this beautiful redhead is an underhanded schemer who will stop at nothing to consolidate her position.

Henry Morgan, Privateer and Pirate - born 1635, a swashbuckling leader of men, undisputedly the most notorious pirate-king of his generation.

Fictional NPCs:

Invictus De Porter, Lord Sheriff of London, Deputy Minister of Justice - hears Crown Court cases and appeals in London.

Godfrey Chalmers, Earl of Bexley, Chief Magistrate of Middlesex - hears crown court cases and appeals throughout Middlesex excluding the City of London.

Lesser characters and contacts:
Lt Coombs of the Coldstream Guards - acquaintance of John Blackburn, share a few drinks.
Captain Henry, Regimental Adjutant, Royal Marines, JB and QED owe him a Favour1 for sorting out their arrest by the Coldstream Guards.
Major Havers of the Coldstream Guards. Remote neutral acquaintance.
Major Edward Lloyd Fotheringhay Regimental Physician of the Coldstream Guards, QED is on first name terms with this colleague.
Major Ince of the Trained Bands, supervisor of JB. Neutral acquaintance.

Others will be added to this list over time.

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