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The GM
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Fri 1 Jul 2011
at 08:26
Copyright, IP, etc.
By joining this game, you agree to relinquish all rights to the characters and contributions you make to this game. The game owner has sole right to the game, its entire contents and the contents of the associated Yahoo Group.

The thinking behind this is not sinister, it just means that:
a) If I choose to use this game as the basis for a novel, movie, etc (we can all dream!) I am free to do so.
b) Nobody else can use the game as a basis for a novel, movie, etc behind my back.
c) I don't have to get anyone's permission or pay anyone off in order to base a novel/movie on it.

However, you are free to use and develop your own characters in other PbP games. We're all gamers, and the last thing I want to do is spoil anyone's fun.

If you're not planning to sell this story or prevent me from selling it, this shouldn't affect you. :)

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