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Sun 27 Jan 2013
at 23:28
First steps into adventure! (1)
This game will fuldamentally follow the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart rules (available for free here: ).
If you don't know Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart Rules, you'll see that it takes less than five minutes to be ready to play!

The setting will be in the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan( http://fightingfantasy.wikia.c...asy_Wiki_-_Titannica ), however, I won't necessarily strictly follow the canon and I'll introduce all the variations that I'll think suitable, in order surprise the players that know perfectly the Fighting Fantasy saga. In general, I intend NOT to run published FF adventures or conversions from FF gamebooks, although occasionally I might do it.

The new characters will be young farmers or peasants: perhaps talented, but totally inexperienced of adventuring, so don't expect saving the world every other day: just saving your skin will be no minor success!

What are you waiting for?

For further information: link to another game

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Mon 28 Jan 2013
at 04:59
Re: First steps into adventure!
In reply to Yaztromo (msg # 1):

I haven't played a PnP RPG since 1992 but I'm definitely interested. I'll look over the rule book and let you know.
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Mon 28 Jan 2013
at 19:11
Re: First steps into adventure!

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Mon 25 Mar 2013
at 17:52
Re: First steps into adventure!
A player just dropped off the game.
If you are interested, you can take over his character or make a new one - this is a good moment to join as a new phase of the adventure is just starting!
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Wed 3 Apr 2013
at 18:05
Re: First steps into adventure!
Still some room available for would be novice adventurers!
This is a perfect time to join the group!