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Wed 3 Oct 2012
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Exalted 1E Sandbox multi-Exalt game. (Adult)
This game is Adult!

The Age of Sorrows looms on. The Solars awaken and return to Creation. The scent of these godkings finds its way their Lunar mates. With the Empress's disappearance the imperial houses are at at odds but the wyld hunt reaches new zeal. These new and strange exalted of the deathlords, the abyssal deathknights, first start to appear.

The time is nigh. The time for the deeds of the Exalted!

This game is set in creation. With all the official content there is, I only feel comfortable if this game allows its full spectrum. So you can expect a serious approach and the potential of graphic sexual situations and gruesome violence. If you are offended by either of these notions it would be safer not to participate.

I'm looking for about twenty players, five for each group. If I don't get enough Co-GMs or player responses, I may have to cut it to just the Kether Rock one though. I have high aspirations.

This game will have four groups. Each run in their own "circle" and with their own direction.

Group 1: The Solar Circle. Newly awakened and hunted by the Immaculate Faith.
Group 2: The Lunar Pack. Newly adopted members of the silver pack.
Group 3: The Dynast Terrestrial Brotherhood. Newly introduced to the Threshold.
Group 4: The Kether Rock Squad. Any combination of Solars, non-tattooed Lunars, and Outcast Terrestrials.

The game will be heavily based on the goals, actions, and consequences of the player characters. So it will be sandbox with some predetermined events and plots going on.

A word of warning I am a veteran of Exalted, but be prepared for a fair amount of atypical approaches to the world. The creation that will be in this game may not be one like you've seen before.

For the most part this game will be episodic with an understanding it's highly unlikely anything as major as the realm be reclaimed, the deathlords being destroyed, or Yu-Shan being invaded occurring. I'm not going prevent it, I just highly doubt we'll get that far even after several years real life.

Edit: An important note! This game will have an erratic pace. Some months it will be fast paced other is will be extremely slow. Anyone who is involved will have to be flexible to the pacing. I cannot commit to a consistent posting pace.

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