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08:42, 23rd June 2024 (GMT+0)

Temp Thread.

Posted by FusilierFor group 0
GM, 7856 posts
Your Guide
Fri 15 Apr 2022
at 19:28
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Temp Thread

Use this thread for stores requests and returns. Or anything else you need the GM to act on in terms of bookkeeping/unit admin. I'll also be using for the same purpose. All posts will be deleted when completed.
GM, 8299 posts
Your Guide
Sat 3 Feb 2024
at 00:14
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Re: Temp Thread

Per Kolstrup:

Can you clarify? I suspect you mean a packaged field dressing but I use PMK for something different and want to be sure.

Field Dressing: A single roll of gauze bandage suitable for serious wounds
-(pre-war comes in waterproof packaging and has disinfectant)
-(post-war comes water resistant packaging and has no disinfectant)

Minor Medical Supplies: an easier way to bookkeep misc. medical items... small bandages, band-aides, latex gloves, sutures, etc. Things a medic will need in addition to dressings.

PKM: A reusable first aid kit for 1 serious or 5 small injuries... the unit has none of these.

Sorry for the confusion.


All requests are actioned on my end. Adjust your sheets if you haven't. I'll be deleting above posts in a couple days.
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Jose Rodriguez
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Spec 4 (US) Infantry
Mon 5 Feb 2024
at 19:54
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Re: Temp Thread

I'm late to this party, but Jose would like to draw the following from stores for the mission to retrieve the VIP:

2x Field Dressings (Prewar)
2x Concussion Grenades (Local)
1x Comet Para-Flare

May as well pull these as well to keep in the vehicles once we start moving out of Gdansk entirely, since better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them:

MM-1 Hawk
All of the 40mmN grenades
The 3 additional RPG rockets
Per Kolstrup
player, 1854 posts
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Mon 5 Feb 2024
at 22:53
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Re: Temp Thread

In reply to Fusilier (msg # 21):

Field dressing. I was speaking 4e, sorry.

GM, 8305 posts
Your Guide
Fri 9 Feb 2024
at 01:32
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Re: Temp Thread

In reply to Jose Rodriguez (msg # 22):
In reply to Per Kolstrup (msg # 23):

Those are all actioned on my end.
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