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06:02, 19th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Looking for a 3.PF solo special.

Posted by rekmond
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Tue 21 Mar 2023
at 18:46
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Looking for a 3.PF solo special

In the forest a being awakes. Heralding untold destruction and anarchy, its hunger threatens all who live nearby. But it is yet weak and far away from growing into the horror it one day will be. And so it must hide and strike without giving itself away. This is the struggle of the Thing.

Okay, nice little story setting intro done, let's get to the meat of the request.
I am seeking a game where I play as a shapeshifting monstrosity in a solo game. The unspecific nature of the story reflects how open I am to different possibilities.

Is this an Isekai where I'm seeking to survive while controlling my hunger? Am I an ancient evil that was sealed long ago and if the wrong ear learns of my existence I'll find myself smote by forces far beyond myself? Am I simply an eldritch monstrosity unleashed upon the unsuspecting? Is the setting full fantasy or is it more on the side of sci-fi?

All fair game.

For the system I'd like to use either Pathfinder or D&D, as these systems in spite of their flaws still represent very stable baselines to work off of, and both already have some critters/abilities that could be worked into my little avatar of hunger.

I'm not expecting a whole lot of combat, especially at the start as I want to be more on the sneaky side of things until I start gaining an upper hand.

If you're the least bit interested, let me know.
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Sun 9 Apr 2023
at 15:32
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Looking for a 3.PF solo special

Hi. I find this an interesting concept as the seed of a game.

How about being an instrument of the Spirit of the Planet? An antibody of the planet, neither good nor evil, whose purpose is to destroy civilization before it destroys the biosphere by pollution and reckless exploitation?

I'm thinking about fantasy / gaslamp fantasy / steampunk rather than sci-fi or modern.
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