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Tue 10 Jul 2018
at 15:51
Solo/Duo Romance-Erotica Game?
Bit of a wall of text warning, but I'm all about being as clear and as specific as I can be up-front, so we all know we're getting into something we'll all enjoy.

See the tl;dr at the bottom

I have a strong desire to play a game that has, at its centre, a romance. Maybe that means I'll be the only player and the GM plays my opposite number or maybe it means I/we recruit one other player and we play a Duo game.

I am cismale, I plan to play as cismale, and I'd ideally like either the GM or the potential second player (or both!) to be female (in case it becomes important, I have no preference in terms of trans or cis-women for player, GM, or character).

System-wise, I'm conversant with a wide variety of games. I think I would prefer a system to complete freeform (I'm doing a few freeform games already). But that preference is mild, and I wouldn't turn down a freeform game that had everything else I was looking for.

Specifically, D&D (3.5, Pathfinder, 5E) would be fine. Or maybe something Old World of Darkness, or Palladium, or some manner of 'rules lite' system would be fine. I don't think a Powered by the Apocalypse would work for what I'm thinking of. Something sci-fi could maybe work? But it would be a harder sell. I'd be willing to learn a system if I needed to, so long as it wasn't too long or complex.

If we do play a system, I wouldn't want to be a starting character and would a somewhat higher starting level/ XP / Point buy, etc.

Genre-wise, I'm pretty flexible. I like Sword and Sorcery, Urban Fantasy, post-apoc, sci-fi, and any number of other settings and tones. I wouldn't want to play anything very historically specific, or anything where I'd have to pay a lot of attention to established canon material (some canon is fine, canon settings are fine, I just don't want to feel restricted by a lot of data).

Story-wise, I'm looking for something a shade or two above a sandbox. I'd like there to be a strong narrative spine to give the story shape and momentum, but I would like to make sure there's room and space for the interpersonal elements to take centre stage.

I would prefer that we play out a story with a defined end-point. Like, we're after a artifact, or travelling somewhere, or dealing with a single event, or the like. So when the arc is over, the game is over. Maybe we decide to keep going, or maybe not, but I prefer to go into a game with a sense that it has a defined duration (more like playing out a mini-series than a sitcom, if you get what I mean).

Rating-wise, I'd be fine if we went Adult, with all the wink-wink and nudge-nudge implied thereby, and I'd be fine if we stayed PG and agreed to keep it to flirting and smooches and to fade-to-black once the no-no squares get involved. Sex is fun, but the important parts are the emotion, the connection, the interaction, the flirting, the sidelong glances and weighted comments. The frisson.

Character-wise, I prefer to cobble together something with a partner, but in general I tend to enjoy quick, smart characters rather than big, strong ones. I prefer influence to fame, prefer personal accomplishments to temporal power or wealth. I tend to play specialists more then generalists. I have a bit of a preference for hard-bitten veterans trying to get by and for characters who try to remain unobtrusive and out of sight, but keeps getting dragged into [thing] due to morals or past drama. I tend to play characters with strong principles that they are willing to go far to uphold.

Some of my favourite tropes are Used to be a Big Deal but Now I Just Want to be Left Alone. Small Town Boy Goes out and Becomes Hero and Now Returns Home. On a Quest For Something Very Important that Might be Impossible. Could have Been Someone But Took a Stand and Doesn't Regret it.

Relationship-wise, a lot depends on my partner. I get a lot of enjoyment out of being an older, more experienced mentor of some kind. But that doesn't mean I want to be the main character, or take up all the narrative space, or all the agency. Whether my partner is confident and sarcastic, or shy and demure, or young and untested, or equally hard-bitten veteran, I want to share a story with someone, not take someone along on my story.

Sex-wise (if we happen to go that way), I won't get into specifics here, but suffice it to say that I enjoy a wide (wide, wide, wide) variety of sex things. My predilections can go pretty far down the rabbit hole, so if you're into something off the beaten path, there's a very good chance I'm into it at least a little too. But I don't need to go there if you're not into the farther corners of the bedroom. My main 'things' are Dominance (sexual social, mental, physical) and Satisfying my Partner (whatever that means for her). So within those two we can find a dynamic that works for us both.

I have a mild preference for someone who'd want to play out an open / ethnically non-monogamous relationship of some kind (whether that means poly or swinging or some other configuration). It's a very mild preference, and I'm happy to play 'vanilla' and monogamous if all the other pieces are in place.

Other than all that, I'm flexible. Do we meet and fall into each other's arms like doves at break of day? Do we Sam-and-Diane it for a while? Or do we walk on-stage hand-in-hand trading sarcastic barbs? I'm happy to talk it out and make it work for you.

In return for all of the above, I can offer you a dedicated player who's all about making it as fun for you as possible. I'm all about the team, all about the communal experience. You'll never catch me doing crappy things and being all 'That's what my character would do!' I never use the phrase 'Devil's Advocate' to excuse unnecessary arguing. And I'm happy to take everything just as seriously as we need to in order to play the game we want to play. I'm a good writer, and I'm happy to help you out in whatever way you need.

And I am willing to discuss running a bespoke solo/small game for you in return. I have to watch my time commitments, and I need to be super excited about an idea to sustain GM-level commitment over the long-term, but if you have a game or story or character you want to play, pitch it, and we'll talk.

Does any of this sound like fun to anyone? Either a GM or a second player? If so, please drop me an rMail. I'd love to discuss it further with you.

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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 07:51
Adventure? Romance? Solo? Duo? Adult? PG?
If you can find the female player/character, I can GM a D&D 5e game with about 300 posts each year. That has become my new metric, is annual posts; it's much easier to control and pad. RPoL is never going to a short term stint of less than a year for me, and planning by that metric makes it easier for both my players and I to arrange timing.

If you'd rather a female GM as well, then I can only wish you luck. I am, however, quite far the rabbit hole myself, and so as a GM I think that will make my a good candidate. If you set the terms of engagement I can make sure that sets the bar, and under ToA, that is the only metric, of vanilla to triple-chocolate-suicide mudslide ;), that will be the "norm".

I will say, we can do this two ways; however you want to approach this. Either wait for a hook here, and take your time to mull it over; or I can setup a board and we can fish for a female character/player.
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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 12:48
Adventure? Romance? Solo? Duo? Adult? PG?
Hey V! Good to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out, especially with how that other game we tried ended up.

I actually heard from a female player I played with in a couple of games a few years ago. Let me see if she's interested in talking more, and we'll go from there.

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Sun 9 Sep 2018
at 23:22
Adventure? Romance? Solo? Duo? Adult? PG?
Hopeful bump. I think I have room for only one more game, so I'd definitely prefer something on the smutty end of the continuum. But still with the romance and the well-developed interpersonal relationships.

Contact me via rMail if this sounds like something you'd like to talk about!

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Wed 3 Oct 2018
at 13:29
Solo/Duo Romance-Erotica Game?
Another hopeful bump!

Thoughts for potential GM:
  • I am in conversation with player I know from some other games. So if someone felt like running a romance/sexy game for a couple, we would love to have that conversation.
  • If you'd rather keep it solo, I can do that too.
  • I/we am/are wide open in terms of system and genre. You want sexy High Fantasy? We're down. You want sexy superheroes? Sexy urban fantasy? Sexy English Manor house Mystery? We'll be happy to talk it out.
  • We're willing to play a freeform or a system-based game, but we'd both prefer something more toward the 'lite' end of the spectrum (even if we played, say, Pathfinder, we'd want the story to be more important than the rules
  • I am a very good plot-driver. So if all you'd want to do is set a scene, adjudicate actions, and be in charge of the world, that's cool. I can bring all the goals and motivations and plans and narrative momentum you'll ever need.

Thoughts? Ideas? Drop me an rMail. I love talking about games. And I love talking about stories. And I love talking about sexytimes. So at the very least I'll try to keep it entertaining for you.

tl;dr - I'd like to be a player in a game focusing on romance and erotica. Maybe just me, maybe me and one other player. We're happy to discuss a wide variety of genres. I'm happy to drive the plot myself, or let you lead. I'm (cis)male, she's (cis)female. We're not super picky about the gender of the GM, so long as you can bring the sexy.

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