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Thu 23 Apr 2015
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Solo Party Pathfinder
I would love to work with a GM to run a solo game with a twist: there would be a full 4-man party where I would control each of the party members.

I have done this a couple times in the past and this has allowed really great RP opportunities where I can really dive into the relationships and interactions of a party without the hassles of the asynchronous nature of play-by-post.

It allows the group to make decisions in a timely manner, for the group to really work together and keep the roleplaying going through combat, and allows me to play four games at the same time :P

I am entirely open to Paizo's Adventure Paths as they are all well written and fun adventures. I am currently running a Kingmaker and Giantslayer game and have basic familiarity with Rise of the Rune Lords but I am more then happy to play in any AP or custom adventure.

The most recent solo party game I was in died very quickly and so right now I have this 4-man band orphaned. I would like to keep using these characters but I have a long list of alternatives and details can be discussed via rMail:

Zurinestro of the Blades (NG Rogue [Knife Master]), a knife master from the streets of riddleport, he made a (minor) name for himself with his mastery of knives, both in throwing and in melee. He was quickly picked up by a thieves guild and first was a cutpurse using his hidden blades to pilfer money pouches but as his skill with blades increased the guild eventually tried to press him into work as an enforcer. On his very first assignment Zurinestro felt so bad for his mark that he ended up paying off the man's debt himself. This happened twice more where Zurinestro was won over by his target's sob story and couldn't complete his mission. Finally his superior, who luckily enjoyed the flashy youth's other antics, decided that Zurinestro didn't belong in the thieves guild and he was allowed to leave on condition that he wouldn't interfere in the guild's business. Feeling that Riddleport was no longer quite as welcoming Zurinestro hit the road hoping to focus on his mastery of his knives and carve out a legendary reputation as the Master of blades.

Chakha (CN Barbarian), the barbarian from the North. She is a powerful warrior from a tiny tribe that is struggling. Their tribal elder proclaimed that the god Gorum is angry with their tribe's accomplishments and that a youth must venture forth and win a great battle in his name to bring glory upon their tribe. She is now on a journey through Varisia looking for a worthy opponent, or really a larger fight then just a couple of roaming bandits.

Valindra of the Winds is an elven spelldancer (CG Magus [Spelldancer]) struck with wanderlust. She is a carefree spirit who has left the confines of the elven communes to experience life and adventure. She has flitted from city to city as she roamed Golarion just waiting for something to grab her attention.

Bamrin Runehammer (LG Cleric) a cleric of Torag who briefly let greed get the better of him and it cost him his home and family. He was part of a mining expedition scouting for potential mining locations. The team found a very rich vein of mithral near some ancient ruins. Despite the warnings and misgivings of his peers he encouraged the group to keep digging and they tapped into something dangerous. Undead poured from the hole as they breached and quickly overran the camp. Bamrin battled bravely and in the end the undead horde was defeated but not before the majority of his brethren were killed. Shamed at letting his greed blind him he has traveled far from his ancestral lands looking to die in glorious battle but far be it from being suicidal his goal is to keep throwing himself at the forces of evil until he is spent and hopefully his sacrifice will undo the harm that he had caused.

edit: Below is the opening segment for a game that started in a carnival:
Zurinestro kept his hood up and appeared to be casually leaning up against shop walls looking menacing and dangerous. Inside he was aching to join in with one of the carnival games but he had an appearance to keep up, at least within his own mind, and a dangerous adventurer should not be seen enjoying himself.
Valindra, however, took the complete opposite approach as she ran through the meadows helping children catch butterflies or dancing in the pavilion to the music of the local band. She was a blur of activity never staying in any spot long enough for the rest of the group to really get their bearings on where she was. As soon as someone figured out where she was she dashed away to another activity. Every time she passed by Zurin however she would tug at his arm and flash a heartwarming grin.

"Come on Zuri, come join in on the fun!"

"Don't call me that!"

He tried to sound indignant but her smile was too infectious and he couldn't keep a straight scowl. Finally after a dozen attempts he peeled himself away from the wall and let Valindra show him the sights. He figured as long as he didn't appear to be enjoying himself maybe his aura of menace and mystery would still be maintained. Secretly though he was thrilled for any excuse to have fun.
Chakha, their hulking 6'6" barbarian friend, followed the pair. She towered over the locals and her presence alone made crowds part and children stare but she seemed confused more than fearsome as she stared at the brightly colored tents set up at the fair. While she was no stranger to games, the carnival games confounded her. Why throw a ball at a bottle when you can just reach out and knock them down?
Bamrin meanwhile remained surly as always, resisting even Valindra's attempts at having fun.

"We haven't done anything to earn a bit of fun, why start now?"

"Oh come on, Bam, loosen up a bit."

The dwarf huffed at that.

"I am on a quest to serve my god, there will be no 'lightening up'!"

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Fri 19 Jun 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
So had a game with the below characters fizzle out and I'd really like to do something with them...

Ajax of Olfden - NG Sorcerer
Ajax is the youngest sun of a rather prolific merchant. Although never wealthy his father was very widely traveled and Ajax grew up with stories of faraway and fantastic places. After his father's death he decided to take up the call of adventuring and although young and naive he has set out from his small town to make the world a better place.

Talice Vexidyre - NE Cleric of Pharsma
A dark elf from the drow city of Zirnakaynin, born to House Vexidyre. A noble daughter born to a matriarch from an ancillary branch of the main family cursed with nothing but male offspring she was quickly groomed for success and leadership. Growing up all her house servants and older brothers were subservient to her for fear of her potential once she ascended. As she was coming into power she found herself drawn away from the family patron Shax and towards Pharasma. Discovering an ancient religious text in the market she began to read and re-interpret the various messages inside until she became convinced that she was part of one of the prophecies the book spoke about. She didn't care that it was the Age of Lost Omens, that no prophecy had been fulfilled for hundreds of years. She is headstrong and confident that her beliefs are reality and so she abandoned her titles and heritage and traveled to the surface to start working on this prophecy of hers.

Nobz of the Unknown Knighthood - CN Goblin Cavalier
Nobz grew up a typical goblin in a small goblin tribe. When his tribe was raided by a hobgoblin army he thought his days were numbered. Suddenly a group of shiny knights in shiny armor on top of mighty steads thundered down the valley and shattered the hobgoblins with ferocious charge. Nobz was completely transfixed by the sight and became obsessed with creating a group of goblin knights on par with any of the other races. So far his quest...has not gone well. He stole some books and read up about how knights should act but chivalry is complicated and confusing for him. Something about a dragon and a damsel and he doesn't know anyone to fit any of that. Nevertheless he is obsessed with creating a goblin knight chapter and on top of his riding wolf he is slowly piecing together shiny armor (made from junk) and a giant banner (made from a stolen tablecloth) and is hard at work trying to put down terms as to what a goblin knight should be.

NOTE: Could be converted to Gnome if not a fan of goblin PCs...

Ghost - TN Half-orc Ranger
An outcast already, when her tribe was decimated in a conflict she traveled far to get away from her history and live off the land. Silent and pragmatic, she cares little for saving the world and just wants to make enough coin to be able to live on her own away from civilization.

The idea for bringing all these crazy characters together is that Talice believes that Ajax is part of some prophecy that will change the world. This is not the case and the mental gymnastics she has to perform in order to even think that are mind boggling but her mind is made up and no one will convince her otherwise. Nobz likewise hears about this prophecy and thinks it's the perfect opportunity to make a name for his knighthood, whenever he finally figures out a name for it. Ghost is originally just hired to be a wilderness guide having actually traveled around [INSERT CAMPAIGN START] but gets drawn further and further into the adventure through the others, especially Nobz who she develops a soft spot for being an outcast herself.

I'm fine with running through published modules, adventure paths, or custom content. I would prefer Golarion as a setting but I'm open to pretty much anything. Finally although this is the list I'm presenting as three of the above were part of a game that died, I have a long list of other potential group members that can be cherry picked as necessary.

Classes and Alignments can also be subject to change as best suits the campaign.

Below is a sample from when Talice and Ajax first me.

There was a shout from the tavern entrance. A cloaked figure had entered, a woman and a shapely one at that. Ajax was about to turn away when an elf, a hunter by the look of him, hissed an angry threat and approached the newcomer with his hand on his sword.

"You should not be here. Leave. Now!"

The cloaked woman tried to ignore the elf and move past him but he gave her a rough shove on her shoulder back towards the exit. It was enough of a jolt to knock her hood down and the whole tavern gasped. It revealed a strikingly angular face with pure white hair and dark, almost black, skin. Other then the coloration the woman looked elven as well which surprised Ajax. Something about her appearance tugged at the back of his memory.
The elf shoved the woman again.

"Xun naut lli natha rah pholor ussa"

The woman spit out the words with such venom Ajax was surprised she didn't reach for her own weapon. The words were foreign but Ajax realized that he understood her... mostly. His father had traveled all across the Inner Sea and had procured a book that had many phrases translated into Undercommon. His vocabulary was \ limited but it was enough for Ajax to get the jist of her statement.

<<Do not touch me>>

It was clear that something bigger was going on but Ajax did not like the deadly stare the elf levied against his  darker kin. By now all eyes were on the pair and the bartender seemed to be on the verge of kicking them both to settle their differences outside. From the looks of things, Ajax could only imagine the bloodshed that would happen if that were to occur.

Ajax shuffled through the crowd getting closer to the pair. He didn't want violence to erupt and prepared his Grease spell. The woman tried to push past a final time and this time the stronger elf shoved her hard and she fell against the back of the door.

"Foul abomination...go back to hell!"

The elf drew his sword and the bartender cried out. There was a murmor from the crowd but nobody moved to stop the strike. The woman was stunned and was unarmed as the elf took a step forward...and slipped on a patch of grease on the ground. Ajax's spell had gone off perfectly and the elf fell, dropping his sword. The woman stood up but made no motion to press her advantage, stepping quickly past the elf and into the crowd.

Meanwhile the owner/bouncer had gotten to the elf and he soon found himself being hustled out the door with a lifetime ban to boot.

Nobody draws a  blade in my inn unless its to cut their bread! You show your face back here and you'll wish you hadn't"

The crowd gave a cheer and then went back to their conversations and drinks. The excitement was over and the woman now at the back of the bar was quickly forgotten with her hood back in place. Ajax wondered if he should say anything and after a minute hesitation he carefully approached her at the back of the bar.

Usstan kestal ph'tejmook'cinkjuu... alur?

He had hoped he had offered her his well wishes but he had never actually heard the language spoken and could only guess on the pronunciation. He thought he did a decent job but then her mouth seemed to drop open in shock. Ajax realized he might have just related her backside to a pig...the words were surprisingly close he realized in hindsight. He was worried she might draw her blade and run him through but instead she spoke in heavily accented common.

"You...speak...the tongue?"

He just shrugged. He had no idea what he had really said but whatever it was it was good enough as she grabbed his shoulder and dragged him into a seat. It was only up close that he realized just how tall and thin she was. She was easily a few inches taller then him yet he probably outweighed her by a couple of stone. Nevertheless he let her put him into place, about as stunned as she was.


"My father. He was a merchant and had some dealings with the... deep dwarves?"

She nodded. Although she spoke with a thick accent she seemed to understand him very well.

"When were you born?"

"Ummm... well let me think. Three months ago was my birth date. I just turned seventeen."

How many...days...exact needed.

The woman was almost as strange as her exotic coloring . It was a weird question to ask and Ajax was puzzled by what it could mean. The woman was haning on his words like her life depended on it.

"94 days ago. Exact."

The woman didn't reply, instead she pulled out a thick and ancient tome from her backpack and flipped through the pages. She was muttering to herself but this time Ajax couldn't follow. She found the page and as she read the words she seemed to smile and her whole visage seemed to brighten up.

"Who...are you? What...are you?"

I am Ajax. I'm currently in between jobs but I seek to become a mighty adventurer.

To save...Golarion?

Uhh...yeah. Exactly.

I am Talice De'Natha Vexidyre, priestess of Pharasma and I will be accompanying you.

Ajax was dumbfounded by her statement. He figured he would need to recruit some allies but she had spoken so matter of factly. It wasn't an offer, it wasn't even so much a demand as an expectation that he would follow her command and to defy her would  be unthinkable.


Talice just pointed down at the text in front of her. It was written in a strange language and Ajax had no idea what it said, especially reading it upside down but Talice seemed to think it explained everything.

”The prophecy. Your birthdate aligns with the Chosen of Pharasma's coming. It cannot be coincidence that we met here. That you saved me and know my language. It is your destiny to change the world and mine to guide you.”
Ajax's mind was in a fog. He had only left his town last month to try to see more of the world and now a foreigner from the Darklands was telling him that he fulfilled some kind of prophecy? It was all overwhemling but he realized that to argue would be futile and with that elf potentially lurking around outside they both might be safer off sticking together, at least for awhile...

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Mon 22 Jun 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
How tied are you to the characters?  I have a homebrew'ed campaign setting and adventure that I'd like to run for you.   After all I do play in a game you run.

While the character concepts are good, I feel that they are embedded into the Pathfinder setting.

Let me know, we can talk via Rmail if you would like.
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Fri 26 Jun 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
Color me intrigued.
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Tue 30 Jun 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
I like the concept of a full party controlled by one player.

I have 3 games set in a home-brew 3.5 setting (2 of the games are MATURE but the third is not)

the setting is simply core book cosmology with open trade with parallel universes. those parallel universes include ebberon and forgotten realms. ther is a bit of spell jamming to speed travel and trade.

if any of you are interested i can r-mail you the links.
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Tue 7 Jul 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder

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Tue 7 Jul 2015
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder

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Sun 19 Mar 2017
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder

I have about half-a-million characters I could throw together into a party. I'm happy doing original adventures or adventure paths or whatever!

Just rmail me if you're interested in a tighter GMing experience!
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Sat 30 Jun 2018
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
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Tue 18 Sep 2018
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
Bump! Looking for a solo Pathfinder. I've got a million characters and themes to pick from so I'm sure I can create a party that fits your game. I am a fan of Paizo AP's so if there is an AP or module you'd like to run I'm all ears!
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Thu 27 Sep 2018
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder
how adamant are you about the Pathfinder ruleset?

I ask because I have no problem with a pathfinder character party in my 3.5 game if you are ok with it as well.

there currently exist no rule differences that I feel are too foreign to either rule set to not make then seamlessly compatible (in my opinion)

the only significant difference is gramer...and a rose by any other name still smells the same.

mature game
link to another game
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Sun 3 Mar 2019
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Re: Solo Party Pathfinder