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Wed 13 Mar 2019
at 02:16
GURPS: Black Ops
Hi there! I'm looking for a GM interested in playing a fun little game put out for GURPS called Black Ops. If you're familiar with the game then you know just how much fun it is! We are Them, we move unseen through the world, ghosts in the machine, we're a dream, a memory, we move through the raindrops and when things go bump in the night we don't bump back...we blow them to hell.

If anyone is as interested as I am and fancies running please, do let me know. I'll be there like flies on rice.

Hmm..mixed my metaphors there a wee bit.
Bane Root
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Fri 15 Mar 2019
at 17:15
GURPS: Black Ops
Same. Count me in.
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Thu 28 Mar 2019
at 00:59
GURPS: Black Ops
See! Two players already!