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Tue 5 Mar 2019
at 13:46
Solo Shadowrun 5E for a New(ish) Player
I love Shadowrun as a setting and I have a thing for crunchy systems and crime-oriented games, but I haven't played much of it since 2e. That was a good while ago, and frankly I remember almost none of it, so I basically need to re-learn the system from the ground up.

Rather than making a nuisance of myself in a group game with veteran players relying on my knowing what the heck I'm doing, I'd like to make my learning experience a solo game. That way, we can play at a fairly fast clip without my getting overwhelmed, my inexperience isn't going to make me a pain in the hoop for other players, and I get that tender, loving, one-on-one attention we all crave.

It's worth mentioning that I've read a lot of the supplements for Shadowrun over the years, and I do like my toys, so I'd prefer to incorporate some of that, rather than keeping completely to the core rulebook.

As far as characters are concerned, I'm not typically a mage-oriented type of guy, so don't expect me to be playing one. I'll try to be as flexible as possible otherwise, in order to mitigate the downsides of solo play as much as I can.
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Wed 6 Mar 2019
at 18:43
Solo Shadowrun 5E for a New(ish) Player
I would also be interested in playing, and likewise I am new to the rules system.
Alex Vriairu
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Thu 7 Mar 2019
at 04:39
Solo Shadowrun 5E for a New(ish) Player
New to the system myself, like the idea of playing a techomancer Rigger, if there is ever a gm.
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Wed 13 Mar 2019
at 14:22
Solo Shadowrun 5E for a New(ish) Player
Still looking for a GM for a single-player Shadowrun 5e game!