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Wed 6 Feb 2019
at 17:52
Looking for a GM.
Someone interested in running either a Pathfinder Spheres of Power game or maybe one of the 2nd edition Chronicles of Darkness splats.  Not seeing much of either over in LFP. Been a while since I was last on rpol.
Rook Seidhr
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Wed 6 Feb 2019
at 21:45
Looking for a GM.
I'm usually up to play any CofD2e splat except Beast or Werewolf. I can't GM more games right now, though.
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Sun 10 Feb 2019
at 02:33
Looking for a GM.
I could do with either of those though my preference would be Mage, Geist(yay, backer .pdf) or Beast in that order. I have the MtA20th book as well, though I'm not as familiar with it.

For that matter, a game allowing splat crossover would appeal to me pretty strongly.

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Thu 14 Feb 2019
at 14:01
Looking for a GM.
Still looking. Could toss 3rd edition Exalted on the list of things I'd like to try as well. And Shadow of the Demon Lord; maybe something akin to the Black Company books? (That is to say,  for inspiration, not to be set directly in that setting.)

When it comes to 2nd edition Chronicles of Darkness, the only basic splat I don't have is Promethean.
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Fri 22 Feb 2019
at 01:38
Looking for a GM.
Still looking. Leaning more towards a game with Shadow of the Demon Lord right now. Though I'm not much inclined to rolling on charts for who I'm playing, the system seems solid enough. I have a fairly solid library of games, though. Maybe if someone had been waiting to run something somewhat less known?

Or 2nd edition Scion. I've got the .pdfs. Oh. And if you were wondering what Spheres of Power is back up in my original post, you might consider googling it. There's a wiki.
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Fri 22 Feb 2019
at 03:02
Looking for a GM.
I backed Spheres of Power's Kickstarter, high enough to get a copy in TreeFlesh™ format when it came out. Even got files to use it in Hero Lab. Never got a chance to do anything with it, though.

I don't have the martial version (Spheres of Might, I think it's called), and if I used it I'd pretty much want to use it exclusively. (Well, maybe include the non-caster core classes.) Not sure what I'd do, though, since I'd pretty much have to make up all the NPCs by hand and rejigger any spellcasting critters.
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Sat 23 Feb 2019
at 00:16
Looking for a GM.
Well, Spheres of Might is pretty well represented on the wiki as well, for what it's worth. Regarding creatures; I think you might be overthinking it - I'd plan on rebuilding outright spellcasters for a spheres game but probably leave beasties with spell-like abilities as-is for the most part.

That's just my own thoughts from looking at it, though. :) Could be a lot of work; might just be worth it.
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Wed 6 Mar 2019
at 14:37
Looking for a GM.
Been a while but still looking with only the few nibbles of interest you see above. I suppose to further detail what I'm looking for in a game - a fairly casual post rate would be go good. I can usually respond daily or even repeatedly, particularly in a scene that calls for short responses. (Combat, some conversation, etc.) On the other hand buddy season is in the soring and summer at my job. Since days I'm just too beat.

Still like to participate in some SoP, 2nd edition Scion or CoD. Would be willing to try GURPs depending on the setting as long as the GM understands I'm not all that familiar with the system. Cypher system/Numenera as well, though it's not as exciting a prospect at the moment. Pitch an idea to me and I'll pitch a character; my experience is that usually goes far in showing how compatible a given player and GM are.
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Tue 19 Mar 2019
at 16:59
Looking for a GM.
In reply to Creschen (msg # 5):

I'd be interested in playing in a Scion game, but I've only got 1st ed pdfs
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 03:35
Looking for a GM.
I can run CofD and I'd LOVE to play in a game, too! I'd also dig Scion. rMail me if y'all get a game going or something!

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