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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 12:49
Seeking Godbound
Presently in the mood to play some Godbound - I've started a few very fun concepts in the past, but games either end up not progressing past the first round of posts due to GM disappearance, or making it to the second or third scene, but my RP Partners are way more focused on combat - And then the GM disappears!

Ideally, looking for a moderately-paced game ( 2-4 posts per week ideally), with a small pool of players, with an eye toward teaching how combat, and other major systems (particularly dominion and influence) function. Bonus points if there's some room for consideration of custom gifts or Words of Power options. I'll likely be designing a fresh Godbound either way, though :D

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Fri 21 Apr 2017
at 22:37
I want to piggyback and say I would love to try a Godbound game.  Read through the free rule for it and tried to apply for a game that had already filled up sadly.

So here's another player willing to join!
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Sun 23 Apr 2017
at 02:22
I'd also love to play.
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 13:12
Still looking for some Godbound :D
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 22:50

Interest has Not waned.
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Sat 6 May 2017
at 21:59
Same. Still here. Still willing.
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Sun 10 Mar 2019
at 18:11
Bumping this ancient thread from two years ago that I didn't remember existing... sorry, to the Moderators. I hope this is OK?

I've had about 3 or 4 attempted godbound games fall flat due to either GM or player RL issues on RPOL. While I am, myself, going in for minor surgery Wednesday of this coming week, I expect I'll still be around after...

And I am still seeking a GM who can help me go from understanding the basics of godbound to getting a chance to learn the more complicated systems of Influence/Dominion (Which I've never had a chance to use properly) or  offensive/defensive dispelling.

Ideally we can have a 3-4 player game, so we've got a small group, and hopefully we wouldn't be over-focused on one person's ideas (as tends to happen with a single person super-into kingdom-building) and have room for everyone to flex.

I've got dozens of ideas floating around. I definitely want access to the Lexicon of the Throne words (concept words are negotiable?); and MAYBE the Freedom word from Storms of Yizhao adventure book, but that one is kinda narrative crazy :D

Mature or Adult game preferred.

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Mon 25 Mar 2019
at 08:54
So, my surgery went well. Still working through recovery, but all that said, I'm still in search of some quality Godbound. I'm looking for a chance to play a game that's going to play for a bit longer than a scene or a story, and actually, I think I'd specifically prefer to play somewhere outside the Bright Republic or Ancalia, perhaps Vissio or possibly another location.

I'm willing to play in a game either solo, or with a small group (I'd prefer to issue invites to a few people I know before taking other players, though) and I'd prefer that, if playing with a group, Character Creation be a communal activity, the better to set up a group whose goals aren't at odds and who have ideologies that aren't conflicting.

Looking to use material from the published books, but there are a few other fan and Author-sourced materials out there that I may be interested in drawing upon, stuff I can provide links to, online. (Kevin Crawford has posted up several words on various forums and the like)

As mentioned above, looking to learn on the specifics of various things, and leaning toward a preference for an Adult game with Mature being just fine with me, too.

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Tue 26 Mar 2019
at 19:31
I second that request. I recently bumped into that system and found it rather interesting. I think it would be great to explore the narrative of few individuals discovering their godly nature and then working together in order to achieve great things. Whether malevolent or benevolent... that is up for discussion.
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Mon 6 May 2019
at 09:17
If it helps, I am starting a game of Godbound with an Fantasy Asian theme (think Legend of the Five Rings, 47 Ronin, The Mummy III: Curse of the Dragon Empire). The game is rated General, at least initially.

link to another game

Hope it helps.