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18:14, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Hi there.

Posted by persephone325
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 04:09
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Hi there

Hello. I'm Persephone. You can call me Sephie if you'd like. I've been roleplaying through writing for...a really long time. ^^ The forum I've been a part of for over 10 years feels like it's leaning more toward solo games, so group games aren't getting much love there anymore. A fellow member there pointed me in this direction and apparently I already had an account here! lol I must have forgotten.

Anyway, enough rambling from me. Hello! :)
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 04:18
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Hi there

Hi Persephone! I've never played Pathfinder so I doubt we'll cross paths after this, but it's my pleasure to welcome you to the site, and I'm sure you'll find some good games to join. Happy New Year and best wishes!
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 04:47
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Hi there

 Howdy!, You came to the right  place ! Everything you need in   on whatever page you are  on.

 wanted players ..will ahve  games listed, GMs  can bump their  ads once  a week

 there  is a  search engine , of  sorts, on you main page, you can customize it  to look for games you may like

The  dice  roller is great..and you have  PMs    in every thread.. post  board lights up in colors  so you know when a new  Post  or PM  comes in.

 anyquestions? you ask in the Forumns, if the Mds  don;'t answer you right away, there are pleanty of players who will..Heck, I've been here for a very long time, and i have to ask once in a while!

Have fun!
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 06:50
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Hi there

Thank you both! And Happy New Year!

I don't really have any questions right now... Just perusing the site and figuring out how things work. The structure is very different than what I'm used to. XD
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 12:26
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Hi there

 yeah?  I played on E-Z baords  years and years ago. They were pretty god, but got  Hacked and infected and never  came back. I play excatly 1 game, outside this board. Only because  i have invested  years in that game, before its  site crashed. I tried to get them to come here..but they chose  another, awful site..( at least to me, others there love it). Heck? I have a seperate link in my favs, just so i don't have to burrow though the site to find my game.

 here? everything  on your main page, all the  links  to start your own game, all they games you in and the forums ..color  for   dialogue or 'dressing up " is in  a pull down. mI will confess, the  bunch of years i have been here? I still havn't usd everything. Other Players  here  can make thier games   even more  pleasent, with using all the  tool.

 as i said, Enjoy!
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Wed 4 Jan 2023
at 14:23
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Hi there

Happy New Year Sephie!!

Well I have played on other sites too only to have them disappear in the night!  I understand that and even was running a game site that just vanished!

Once you get to using our site here you will find a myriad of both systems and freeform games.  As the lads have told you here there is everything you need to enjoy your writing!

As you see we are all here to help each other enjoy our hobby of gaming with others.  As Donsr once said to me that some have formed a career out of it!  I have over 20 years on here and longer going back to other online gaming like Yahoo, AOL, MSN and boards like you came from.

There are, as said, system games like DnD, Pathfinder, etc on here and all great.  Then others who like storytelling freeform here too you will find all sorts of interesting games!

I think the first feature that I love about this friendly site is you only need the one player login here.  No more hundreds of emails for each character{s} you play.  When you request to join a game with your character bio you get access for the game and can play as many characters as the GM/DM will allow but no extra emails!  Only your Rpol login {as a matter of fact it will get you banned if you have more than site login}.

My suggestion is to read every rule, every fact, and in the forums like Wanted Players, Wanted Gm, Community Forums etc etc etc at their top is that particular forums rules. So read up!!

You can always ask questions in the community forums and our plyers are always willing to help you.  There is the Rmail system to get in touch with private PMs and if you are really unsure use the Rmail to ask questions or report a problem to the fabulous Admin/Moderator team.

Keep in mind all of us were new here once and had to learn our way around!

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