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Fri 2 Dec 2022
at 17:58
Greetings and Salutations
Hi there.  I have close to zero experience with Play-by-post.

I have been interested in Old World of Darkness lately, but I am willing to try New World of Darkness.

I have relatively little experience in GURPS, so I don't feel confident running GURPS, but I can play.

I have zero experience in Space: 1889, but I might try to join or run a game of that later, after I figure out how to do Play-by-Post.
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Fri 2 Dec 2022
at 18:15
Greetings and Salutations
welcome to the  site!. Best site out there. all the tool you need are on whatever page you are on. a Very  intuitive  Dice roller, PMs, Character  sheets . ect.

 on the main page, the  games you run or play, as well as the Forumns...a little below that is a customizable search engine, that will help you seek out games you want.

 Player Wanted, forum has  active  games looking for players.

there are scores  of  game systems , as well as home brew  , free form and Semi freeform.

 any questions?  ask in the forums, someone will know the answer , if the Mods  don't answer first!
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Fri 2 Dec 2022
at 19:28
Greetings and Salutations
In reply to NostalgicTortoise (msg # 1):

Welcome aboard!

If face to face roleplaying is like an electrical shock from a defibulation kit, then play-by-post is the IV drip of roleplaying.  It is usually carried on at a relaxed pace.  This gives plenty of time to look up rules, and carefully consider your poses and dialogue.

If you look at the forums you should already have on your list...

Wanted - Players: This is where you go to browse the many games hosted by the website.  Each listing should explain what the game is and what it's about.  Some games are just starting up, while others have been going for some time.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice: This is where new, upcoming games are proposed and discussed, giving players an opportunity to give input as to how such a game should be played/run, what sort of options should be available, posting frequency, and so on.  Good place to see what GMs have in mind for near-future games.

Wanted - GMs: If you don't see something you like under the two forums above, this particular forum is where you can put up a request for a GM to run a game for you.  You can be as precise or vague as you want, as far as details go.  Some go there to get a game for their favourite character, others just want a specific setting, and so on.

As for "how to Play-by-Post", it is not difficult.  As you may expect, there's potentially a lot of reading to do.  GMs may have their preferred method of how they want you to lay out your poses and responses, but generally it's as if you're writing a novel.  Some GMs may look for a post a day, others more or less.

If you're feeling iffy or confused on how it is done, you could try asking one of the GMs who post regularly in the Wanted - Players forum if you can sit and lurk in one of their games, so that you can see how it's done.

You can always ask questions here regarding it, too.

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Sat 3 Dec 2022
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Greetings and Salutations
That second 'Wanted' forum should be for GMs, not Players, but otherwise, there's some solid advice there.
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Sat 3 Dec 2022
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Greetings and Salutations
In reply to facemaker329 (msg # 4):

Woops, thanks for pointing that out! :)  Fixed it.
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Thu 8 Dec 2022
at 05:06
Greetings and Salutations
Welcome as well, fellow new player!

And thanks for the posts about great links and such guys, really greatly appreciated!