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Wed 23 Nov 2022
at 23:18
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?
Any help appreciated
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Wed 23 Nov 2022
at 23:52
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?

You have to have it hosted somewhere off of RPoL, then use the correct tag.

<img src="http://YourFileHostLink.jpg">

You can also add align="right" or align="left" within the tag.  No other attributes are supported.

Finally, image posting is only supported in game threads.  Image posting in the public discussion forums is disabled.
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Thu 8 Dec 2022
at 05:07
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?
Thank you for answering this question, especially before I even knew you COULD input images into posts, haha.

Is everybody on this site so friendly and helpful, or is it just the beginner threads?!
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Thu 8 Dec 2022
at 05:27
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?
Ha! It's just the beginner threads. (Just kidding. Sort of.) I've been on here less than a year and most people are friendly but it's the internet so you get all types. I'm now in a handful of games and having a lot of fun. If you find yourself in a game that's not fun, don't be afraid to politely exit. And if you find a GM you like, sometimes that'll open the door to multiple games. Good luck!
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Thu 8 Dec 2022
at 05:37
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?
Thank you for the advice!

I don't mean to hijack the thread, just wanted to poke in and say hello to people! I'll probably leap into just one game at first, some of these 3.5 games have like 20 thousand or more posts, good god! I hope that's a good indication of lasting power!
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Thu 8 Dec 2022
at 15:44
How do I insert a .jpg image into a post?
Hiya and welcome to the world of friendly roleplay.  Iíve been around on here approximately 20 years.  I think youíll find most GMs and Players are friendly and helpful.  I hope you got your answer for how to do pictures in posts and RTJs.

If you find yourself with a GM that is not so nice or you just donít like the game then gracefully PM the GM and say its not for you.  If you are having a hard time with any player the PM the GM and tell them the problem you are feeling.  One way or another the GM will get it worked out.

Donít fall into the negativity trap of judging a game by the post count or number of players/characters in a game.  Find a game description you like and give it a try.  Either it works out for you or it doesnít.  If it doesnít then happily move on. Pasts of games and GMs are just that, pasts.  You never know till you try a game, and not every game in your genreí suits everyone.  Those that dare to create new games that they think the public will like sometimes find it doesnít fly.  They delete them.  But that doesnít mean they are bad GMs and their next try or current games arenít good ones to be in.  If you do run across a GM or player you donít like then put their name down in your little black book to remember.  I have a list of players that are judgmental of GMs who either delete games, have too many posts in a game, have to few posts in a game and those that publicly judge and complain about GMS, Players or games because I donít want their negativity in any of my games.  But seriously they are few as almost everybody on here are here to have a good time together and help each other!

But I stress to you, all you can do is read a wanted player ad or the Game Information and decide for yourself if it sounds good to you then give it a try.  Its your decision and in most cases youíll find fun and friendly people who become real life online friends.

If you canít fund a game be the search games on the main page or see any games in the Wanted Player Ads then post your own Wanted GMs and describe what you want.  There will be GMs that are willing to try a game for you whether solo or groups.

Main thing to remember is read all the rules and FAQs, almost every Forum thread has its own rules to go by.  All to make it fair for everyone.  Youíll find our hardworking Admin and Moderators also are happy to help.  Itís a great site!