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Thu 10 Nov 2022
at 23:09
Hello pbp
I have looked around a bit, but completely new to the Play by Post concept and haven't played a TTRPG in quite a long time.  I do have books for

5e DnD (a mix of various books)
Stars Without Numbers (most of the books)
Worlds Without Numbers
Bunkers and Badasses
Star Trek Adventures
Numenera (current version)

Probably a couple others I can't think off of the top of my head, but downstairs where I don't want to run to right at the moment.  Any rate I am pretty open to playing any of those or possibly something completely different.  Not sure where I want to dip my toes first, but going to have to find an option or maybe two that are good with new players to both the site and the game system in general while I get into the swing of things.

Currently more in the sci-fi head space than fantasy, but I do love both.

Hopefully poke around a bit more over the next few days to find something to give a shot.
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Thu 10 Nov 2022
at 23:13
Hello pbp
Hello and welcome! I'm sure you'll find a cool game to play here. I like your collection too.
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Thu 10 Nov 2022
at 23:15
Hello pbp
howdy, you came to be best site out there. everything is on the page you need  with  a good dice roller, PMs, and 'color' for character's  speech.

 one main page, and you go from there, no wading through tons of pages.

  The 'players wanted  thread' is a good place to look. we have  scores of game systems..and  Freeform and semi-free form. GMs  can bump thier  games once  every 7 daus.

  there is also a customizable search engine  at the lower   part of the main page, you can  use to try to find what you want.

  have  fun