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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings.

Posted by Magrus
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Sun 6 Nov 2022
at 23:54
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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings

Greetings! I'm coming back from a hiatus of not running games as IRL opens up some free time for me after the last 18 months and looking for some folks to game with. I'm a disabled DM who has followed a winding road which started with 2nd edition DnD in a tree house back in elementary school back in the early 90's through the decades.

Head trauma has led me into a logical/left side of the brain higher function than creative/right side brain which has shifted my interest to the crunchier side of play. Which over the years has lead to me favoring XP buy classless style of producing characters. Sadly, these systems aren't free SRD systems typically. So I hacked the most prevalent system with a free SRD out at the time which was Pathfinder, prior to 2nd Edition coming out or 5e DND.

I went from running live virtual tabletop games in the past and am returning to my roots of years ago which was running games on MIRC in a theatre of the mind text based format. I've over the years been told by players of my games from elsewhere that this is *the place* for forum RPG's and now that I've cleared my que of all of the distractions figured I'd take time tonight to sign up and introduce myself.

I'll take a look around this week when wife aggro isn't so strong. Hope you all are having a wonderful evening.
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Mon 7 Nov 2022
at 00:08
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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings

Hello and welcome!
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Mon 7 Nov 2022
at 01:02
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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings

Best place on the Web to roleplay
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to each other.
Mon 7 Nov 2022
at 01:12
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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings

Shoutout to MIRC-era

Methinks you've come to the right place
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Mon 7 Nov 2022
at 05:14
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Longtime DM new to Site, Greetings

My background and gaming preferences are different from yours, but I can confirm that this site is a fantastic landing place for a former table top RPG'er looking to try PbP. Welcome, and best of luck.
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