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Fri 16 Sep 2022
at 23:52
New to Play by Post
Hello everyone! I am quite new to play by posting, but not to rpging. I have run many games for Call of Cthulhu, Changeling the Lost, and have run a few indie games. I would love to join any game where the rpg is by Free League Publishing, a horror game like Call of Cthulhu, or anything where I can play a dragon bard.

I have a baby and am a teacher, so my ability to roleplay is limited, but through Play by Post I hope to continue to hobby!
Larson Gates
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Sat 17 Sep 2022
at 00:01
New to Play by Post
Welcome to the community.
The Wanted-Players thread and the Game Proposal and Interest threads are the places to start.
The former is generally for games in progress or about to get under way, and the Game proposal thread is where GMs float ideas and canvas player interest.
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 Ocoee FL
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Sat 17 Sep 2022
at 04:54
New to Play by Post
Welcome. There's a small Call of Cthulhu community here. Hope to see you in the Mythos.
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Sat 17 Sep 2022
at 10:40
New to Play by Post
As  I tell anyone who arrives, this  is the best site  out there. Everything  you need is one the main page...'wanted  players' thread  will find  game, GMs/DMs  can bump their  add weekly , if they fill the need.

 when you run or   join a game, all the Tools for  you run    and/or play the game.

 The dice roller is the easiest one, of any  site i have  played  on since the 90s, you have PMs to use, and all the threads  for that game are in the game thread.

 There is  also a, customizable  search engine at the bottom of the  main page, that you  can adjust, to  narrow the  focus of genre  you are looking for.

 Activity varies, mostly by  GM. Some GMs  have way more time then others. They will move games   along faster..other   are  'every couple days"

 I have found the best way is  to accommodate  the  rates of your players, pulling the  slower   folks along , so they can jump in  as they are able.

 any questions? ask them in the forums . If a Mod can't answer it,  some one will!