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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 12:03
Hey everyone … i’ m a beginner …
I’m quite new at roleplaying but i’d love to have a go.
So, I’m basically a beginner who’d like to join a game in the « call of Cthulhu » style, or vampires, or taking place in « apparently » normal but actually supernatural worlds.
Cheers everyone.
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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 12:43
Hey everyone … i’ m a beginner …
Welcome!  The first thing I suggest is read all the rules and FAQs if the site.  Remember to never make a second site login.  That will get you banned.  You can make as many characters with different names as the GM of that game allows though.

There are two forums to keep in mind.  The Wanted:  Players where GMs post ads for their game.  Recruiting players.  Then there is the Wanted: GMs to put what game types you are looking for.

Besides those you will find Search places, both on your main page or in the two Wanted forums I have described.  This site is loaded with both Systems games and freeform games galore.

Never be afraid to ask questions as we were all new at sometime.  Either do this in the Community Forum or Rmail our friendly Admin/Moderators who are always readily available to help!  This is a friendly place full of games and new friends to explore so Happy Gaming!
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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 15:33
Hey everyone … i’ m a beginner …
What Lady Said!

 Players  wanted  thread..

or  use  search engine at the lower  end of your main page.

Have  fun!
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Mon 27 Jun 2022
at 11:04
Hey everyone … i’ m a beginner …
You might also want to look in on Game Proposals, Input, and Advice. You'll find interest checks and discussions where GMs float their ideas before posting a game advert in Wanted: Players. It's a chance to meet GMs a bit and get in on the ground floor maybe.
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Sun 18 Sep 2022
at 01:33
Hey everyone … i’ m a beginner …
Um hi I just joined a second ago does any one know where a sonic rp is?