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Sat 25 Jun 2022
at 23:36
Hi everyone
Hi everyone,
I'm new to PBP as well as RPoL. Thought I'd jump in with both feet and GM something I've written!
Wish me luck!
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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 00:00
Hi everyone
Howdy, you are in the best site out there.

all the tools you hneed as a player and GM  are in the GAme thread, and when you posting, they are  there as well... Dice  roller beats  all others  out there.

 you have Rmail to contact folks as we;ll as PMs
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Sun 26 Jun 2022
at 09:32
Hi everyone

I wish you the best of luck in jumping in GMing your own game.  As Donsr said there is plenty of help in games and out.  No matter whether it is a freeform or system games.  I only advise that it be smart to read ALL the rules and FAQs before doing so.  Get familiarized with the sight and what is allowed and what is not.  Like on main thing is don't make a second login account.  You only need the one signin and if you are found with two or more it is very likely you will be banned from this site.  Each person that will RTJ to your game will give you their character concept.  When you accept them into the game you give them that character name which is for your game only unless of course they play the character in others' games which is entirely possible.  But if they give you two or more acceptable characters you can add them in at your game and there is no limit on how many each player can play unless you set it.

If it is to be an Adult game make sure you follow ALL the rules of setting one up.  Make sure it has Adult in the title.  This is also used in Wanted: Players section.  If not in the Subject it must be in you #1 ad post.  It takes 2 weeks for anyone who is new to the site to get access to Adult games.  If you are looking for a coGM or a GM for your game then there is the Wanted:  GMs forum to use.  This is only used if you are looking for a GM of any kind for your game.

Again please read the rules and faqs carefully and there are set rules in both the Wanted: forums I mentioned above.  There is more to learn to be a GM but the site is user friendly.  Never be afraid to ask questions in the Community Forum or in Rmail to the helpful Admin/Moderators who are always willing to help!  :)
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Mon 27 Jun 2022
at 13:29
Hi everyone
Thanks both, I've received a great welcome.