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Fri 29 Apr 2022
at 18:39
New to play-by-post and rpol
Hello RPoL! Y'all can call me by my username or by Hera if you prefer an actual name. I'm an autistic trans woman, and just recently realized that I am much better at roleplaying if I can do it entirely by text. My in-person group recommended that I look into play-by-post games, and somebody in the r/swrpg subreddit pointed me here. I'm still not 100% sure how play-by-post works, or how a forum-based game would work, so I figured I'd post here before trying to find a game. I've read the beginner FAQ already, is there anything else I should know? Again, I'm autistic, and I don't have much forum experience, so if there are any unwritten etiquette rules, please tell me, because I can almost guarantee I won't pick up on it.

A bit about me: I already mentioned that I'm autistic and a trans woman, but I'm also a lesbian, and I've been playing ttrpgs since 2013. I play in two other campaigns with irl friends, one D&D and one Vampire: The Masquerade. I'm 28, if it's at all important.
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Fri 29 Apr 2022
at 19:51
New to play-by-post and rpol
Hey Crank! came to the best site out there... everything is on the main page that you need..

'wanted players'  will show who is looking for player. or you can use the search engine at the base of the main page.

 when you get into the game..everything you need is on that page, all the threads, dice roller..the dice  roller is greeat'..Color  for  'speech' PMs   , all that stuff, including a Map  Link.

 Postboard  play  is fun , and more thoughts  involved  as you make a post....  If you get a game  that doesn't  rely on constant dice rolls, its even better.

 take a look at the wanted  thread..or browse  using the search engine..find   games that interest you and see what ahhoens.

  Have  fun!
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Fri 29 Apr 2022
at 21:36
New to play-by-post and rpol
Welcome to RPoL!

You should see a few forums on joining.

Wanted - Players is for GMs to advertise their games that need players.  If you can't find what you want there...

Wanted - GMs is where you can go to ask prospective GMs to run a specific game for you.

Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is where you can see what games may be coming up in the near future.  GMs do interest checks, as well as post ideas and thoughts for potential games.

Play-by-post games are rather slow going, but they are a constant IV-drip of RPG.  If text based stuff is your style, then you should do alright at pbp.

As far as etiquette and rules, go into the Help section (it's the red link in the top, right hand corner), and browse there.  It has all the help you need.  The "Site Policies" has the forum rules, as well as rules regarding Mature and Adult rated games.  It's a good idea to read those at the very minimum.

Each of the 'official' RPoL boards has a stickied post at the very top which explains the board's purpose and how it should be used.  So start there first, then read what other players have posted a bit, and you'll have a good idea of what's what in no time.
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Fri 29 Apr 2022
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New to play-by-post and rpol
Hiya Hera!  As said above all great advice.  Just remember we were all newbies at one time.  So read all the FAQS you can.  Your personal life is yours.  We are all equals here with a multitude if real lives.

PBP is a hobby for some, escape for some from real life, creative writers, etc etc etc

You find a game you think might interest you and you do what we call a request to join {RTJ} to that game and the game owner/GM will answer you back and you start working on your character{s} biography.

You know when you have a reply in a game because that game has a light by it.  You wonít get an email telling you there is a reply though so make sure you keep checking in.

You will only have the ONE roleplay name to login this site.  Do not make another one as that could get you barred from the site.  When you join a game you can have all the character names the GM allows.   Your character names donít need an email.  Thatís one of the things that make this site so great.

Ine rule of thumb is if you get in a game and do not like it and wish ti leave said game PM the GM and let them politely know you are leaving donít just disappear!! Also most games have their own set of rules to read and abide by.

Remember we were ALL new at this once upon a time!  Any questions donít be afraid to ask in the Community forum and/or Rmail the Admin/Moderators.

But most if all relax and have fun as there are plenty if System games and Freeform games to enjoy!

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Sat 30 Apr 2022
at 09:07
New to play-by-post and rpol
Howdy Hera, welcome to RPoL.

I think you should probably get on just fine here, I've always found this to be an excellent site with a ton of great gamers on it. :)
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Sat 30 Apr 2022
at 12:41
New to play-by-post and rpol
Every game is controlled by a GM/Gamemaster (sometimes with CoGMs) who have sole authority and responsibility for the game. They decide who gets to play in their game and can remove any player at any time. The Moderators almost never get involved in GM v player disputes unless a GM is violating site rules.

The GM also sets the gameís rating: General, Mature, Adult (see the FAQ). It may take a couple weeks before the Mods certify you as eligible for an Adult-rated game.

Courtesy goes a long way on this site.

Welcome to the community. Best wishes for good gaming.
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Sun 10 Jul 2022
at 09:07
New to play-by-post and rpol
Hey Hera. I'm new here too. I'm also 28 and autistic. Have you been able to join a game yet?