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Tue 14 Dec 2021
at 03:26
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
Hey all, just dropping in to say hi. I'm a D&D5e DM, currently running 2 live weekly games but I started an account here for the express purpose of starting another one going the play-by-post method.

Not ready yet, but I've been obsessing for months over the plan to do just this, using the PbP format to run a specific newly-released adventure/setting; Strixhaven, the D&D/MtG magic school setting. I thought PbP would be the best format to run what I hope will be a great combination of slice-of-life, romance, and action/adventure for this campaign. Still reading through the book though, figuring out what I want to use, what I want to discard, and what I want to change or even add, and how best to present all of the various stuff. If you have any advice, feel free to offer up! I'm new to the site so I just want to get a handle on it first and foremost while preparing the adventure.

Actually, a bit more specifically, if anyone has any advice for using both this site in conjuncition with D&DBeyond for character management and maybe the dice rolling, please let me know! Thanks
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Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 02:45
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
In reply to VahnFritz (msg # 1):

Hey, New here as well. Stumbled on the term play by post and rpol came up.

I'm partly deaf, so playing over voice chat has always been difficult for me so I'm hoping to actually have fun playing online for the first time.
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Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 05:20
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
Welcome to both of you.  This is the Greatest Show on Eart, well according to me it is.  There is something for almost everyone here, system games to freeform.

Best tips are read the Rpol faq’s and rule’s,  you only need and miust gave only one site login but then as you join/run games you can play all the characters you like and no more emails needed, there us a convenient Search option on your main page and in Wanted Players.  Looking for games ti join see the Wanted players forum, There you also can post any games you are running do players can find you.  If you are looking for a particular type of game then Wanted: GMs section is also a great place to do a post stating what you are looking for.  Check your player profile and make sure your Rmail is switched on as Players and GMs might reach out to you there.

You’ll find the Admin here and most players are always here to help.  As I first said please read the Rpol rules and facts and never be afraid to ask for help.  We are one of the friendliest roleplay sights for everyone.

Happy Gaming
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 Momento Mori
Mon 7 Feb 2022
at 05:43
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
In reply to VahnFritz (msg # 1):

One of the things I like the most is the responsive site. It works a little better than the standard site on your phone, plus I like the customizable color schemes better. you can see it @ It's the same site, just presented a bit better (IMO).

To your DnD Beyond question; If you create your campaign as a DM on DnD Beyond and require your rpol players to use the free character builder, you'll have the best looking and ease of access DnD sheets available. The character sheet on rpol is system agnostic and you can use a lot of bb code to make it passable, but DnD Beyond will look better I'm sure.

As far as dice roller is concerned, once you have a game up and running as a GM, you can set the default Dice Roller to 5e, and then all default rolls will be d20, easy peezy. You are not required to use the dice roller here and you can link to external web apps for dice rolls in the game posts, but honestly, the dice roller here works rather well (with the exception of not being able to do inline die rolls as part of a post). Meaning you can't just type something like <roll 2d6> and have it pop up in the game post. You can, however, post a link to a specific die roll in your DM post for your player to click on and roll as directed.

Best advice I can give is to start a game and play around with how you want to use the forum. To that, I would add, check out the players wanted section and look over how other people write their game advertisements. Then go to those games and look at their forum setup. Some are done very well with all the details a player needs and others are very skimpy.

Best of luck!
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Thu 17 Feb 2022
at 04:38
Veteran D&D5e DM, novice to RPOL
Greetings Sithraider,
I saw your post and am very interested in participating in the campaign if you decide to go forward with starting it. I only played two sessions ever and would very much like to get more experience because I am an amateur game programmer in C/C++ and was trying to draw inspiration for my game. I only ever made two characters: Scab Shiryuu and Scar Psion. Scab serves as the antagonist to Scar. While Scar is an undead revenant on a vendetta against Scab. Would be interesting to have my characters in your campaign world. I use pen and paper to work my characters. Can never really figure out DnDBeyond or Roll20. Good day.
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Fri 30 Sep 2022
at 16:30
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In reply to VahnFritz (msg # 1):

If you want to use DnD beyond, you'll probably require a "master sub" to share the books with your players. Otherwise, players could be subject to delivering "limited" characters (they'd miss things from books like sword coast AG).