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Yo, ho and hello!

Posted by Buggritt
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 15:17
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Yo, ho and hello!

Hello everyone, just a quick hi as it seems to be the thing to do :)

I think I'm well underway. I have submittes a RTJ (ha! Nailed that abbreviation).

Only one so far, I don't want to send out five when I can only really do one. Feels unfair on the others.

Anyway, looking fkrwars.... jesus what is that? Ahem..... looking -forward- to playing with any and all of you.

Bridge Four!!
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 18:39
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Yo, ho and hello!

You're opn the Best site out there....everything you ned is  on the Main Menu.

when you go into the games you play in, everythig is on one  page  as well..dice  rollers , CS  ect ect,

 Have fun..don't be afraid to ask questions, between the  Admins  and Players, some one has an answer!
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 19:37
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Yo, ho and hello!

Will do, thank you :D
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 22:03
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Yo, ho and hello!

Welcome to our community of role players Buggritt!  You will find all sorts of gam to your liking on here.  We are a large community yet we are all friends here.  If you need help with anything just ask and many will come to your aid.

Make sure you turn on your rmail by going to the link at the top that is User preferences, there you will find some settings to play around with including the rmail one as that is how you and most GMs can talk.

On the main menu there are two forums you can find what you want to play in

Wanted: players At the top there is a link that is 'Search Games' and when you click on those words it gives you a more distinct search area for what you are looking for.

Wanted: GMs where you can make a post describing the type of games you are looking for and GMs check there for new players sometimes.

At the bottom of the main menu you will also find search link to find games and other good stuff.

So all I can say now is

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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 05:45
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Yo, ho and hello!

Smart choice, to start out slow!  It's often tempting (and I've done it, more than once!) to get into a bunch of games because you have a slow period in your life with extra free time, and there's a bunch of interesting games advertising for players...

And then two or three weeks later, life gets busy and suddenly you find yourself overcommitted, flailing to try and keep up with all the games.  I've learned the hard way to add a game...see how you do with it...maybe add another...give it a couple of weeks to see how you're handling both of them...then maybe a third...etc.  Some people can juggle more games than I can...right now, I'm only in one that's really active and I'm flailing a little bit to keep up with it (lucky for me that all of the other games I'd joined earlier this year have gone inactive because of GM commitments to RL circumstances...or I would REALLY be hurting to try and keep up!)

But it sounds like you're off to a good start, hopefully the RTJ is answered promptly and it's a game that you end up enjoying!
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