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Mon 31 May 2021
at 19:03
Old time player returning after long break
Hey guys.

I used to game here years ago and took a hiatus from the net and some points of life.  Now I'm back online and very glad to see the community still alive and well.  For reasons to do with everything I could not recover my old email (Gmail recovery when gone for a while... yuck).

Anyway, I'm back and looking to get back into GM'ing a game.  Only one at a time though, one of the reasons I left long ago was I got manic and bit off much more than I could chew.

I hope to have as good a time today as I did back in the day.

Take care and I look forward to meeting more people.
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Mon 31 May 2021
at 19:52
Old time player returning after long break
 welcomre back, I've been here a while, its the Best  RP  site out there.
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Wed 2 Jun 2021
at 18:41
Old time player returning after long break
 Hello and welcome HOME to RPol, you'll find anything you want here and so many great games from freeform to about any system game you like.  It is easy to be a GM or a Player here.

A few tips for you to refresh your memoryare below:-

Make sure you turn on your rmail by going to the link at the top that is User preferences, there you will find some settings to play around with including the rmail one as that is how you and most GMs can talk.

On the main menu there are two forums you can find what you want to play in

Wanted: players At the top there is a link that is 'Search Games' and when you click on those words it gives you a more distinct search area for what you are looking for.

Wanted: GMs where you can make a post describing the type of games you are looking for and GMs check there for new players sometimes.

At the bottom of the main menu you will also find search link to find games and other good stuff.

So all I can say now is

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Tue 8 Jun 2021
at 19:47
Old time player returning after long break
Thanks so much Ladysharlyne.

My game is going very well.  I have 8 very active players who have put in some awesome content and play in character very well. More importantly they like the Role Playing heavy format I am using and are not griping about lack of combat monkeying around.

So my return back is very well and my players have been helping me relearn Pathfinder after years away from it.  I've already gotten several rulesets down that I was unaware of and the PFSRD website is tops for help/assist.  As long as things keep going this way I expect to have this game going for a decent length of time.

I can't wait to see where it goes.