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Fri 23 Apr 2021
at 20:07
Hi, newbie here on the forums. I currently play PbP games elsewhere, but was curious to see what other sites there were for such. I've been reading through some of the games and they look fun to vicariously experience. I've one question though: is there a way to reverse the order of posts when I read a thread? I can't seem to find an option in my preferences to start from the beginning of the thread.
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Fri 23 Apr 2021
at 21:14
 Hello and welcome to RPol, you'll find anything you want here and so many great games from freeform to about any system game you like.  It is easy to be a GM or a Player here.

When you go into a thread it does take you to the last post made/the most recent but down in the corner of the thread is a (top) and you can read from the first post down, also there is an ALL at the top line of the thread which will open all of the thread from top to botton.  If you are at the top and want to skip to the last post made there is the word 'bottom' of course.

Also again, if you are using the new site then in the gray boxes to the right there is a 'download' or if in the old site it is D/L that will put it all in a format as if you are going to print or download to computer and is easy to read from the beginning down.

A few tips for you are below:-

Make sure you turn on your rmail by going to the link at the top that is User preferences, there you will find some settings to play around with including the rmail one as that is how you and most GMs can talk.

On the main menu there are two forums you can find what you want to play in

Wanted: players At the top there is a link that is 'Search Games' and when you click on those words it gives you a more distinct search area for what you are looking for.

Wanted: GMs where you can make a post describing the type of games you are looking for and GMs check there for new players sometimes.

At the bottom of the main menu you will also find search link to find games and other good stuff.

So all I can say now is

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Fri 23 Apr 2021
at 22:02
howdy... i have been around a very long time , This is the best PBP board  out there, everything you need is on the main page...when you join a game it will be on the main page and you can tell when you have activity by the colors.

 to find a game, you  look over   'Platers  wanted"... GMs  are allowed to bump thier ad  once  a week... some  don't bump until they lose a player, others, like me, bump every week.

  Dice rollers, PMs  R-Mail..its  all here!, and you don't have to sift through a quagmire of links and post to see what you want!

 hope you have fun here!
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Sat 24 Apr 2021
at 01:33
Thanks for the tips! I found the "all" link, so that solves that problem. I'll keep an eye out for ads and activate my rmail. Keeping my fingers crossed for some D&D 5e or even Pathfinder 2e right now...

Gonna take a closer look at that dice roller; it seems to be more advanced than other forums, so that's good. :)
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Sat 24 Apr 2021
at 01:57
some  folks  even ask the admins for  differant system can see the drop down there.

there are alot of  D&D games,  you could  search 3 pages deep, to see games lookin for players..( i wouldn't go deeper then 3 pages)