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Sat 27 Jan 2018
at 23:52
Hi from Zude
Hi, I'm new here.

Trying this out as something different. I don't currently have a real-life roleplaying-game group, but have played DnD since early 1990s. I have a small but decent collection of books, etc.

Also played World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, Macho Women with Guns, Toon, Twilight 2000, and a few others.

I'm interested in joining a game. I'm just not sure how my descriptive writing will be at first, but it can only get better.
Mad Mick
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 02:29
Hi from Zude
Hey, Zude, and welcome!  I started playing a little after you, but I've enjoyed my time here on RPOL.

Writing up responses is different from face-to-face, and I miss the interactions around the table with my friends, but playing by post opens up a whole new area of roleplaying.  If you have questions, just ask!
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 12:53
Hi from Zude
Welcome aboard!  Don't be shy in asking for assistance.

Your writing will be fine, as long as you are willing to put effort into it, people are willing to let little things slide.
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 15:43
Hi from Zude
Like pdboddy said, no doubt you'll fit right in here at RPoL.  Welcome!

Get to know the place while you're getting acquainted (the Help menu is a good place to start, especially the parts about adult and mature content).  The link to this is at upper right in any RPoL-created window.

There are other places to help get you started:

link to another game Wanted - GMs is a place for players to advertise for a game master to run a game they want to play.

link to another game Wanted - Players is a place for GMs to advertise existing games for which they desire to add players

link to another game Game Proposals, Input, and Advice is a place for GMs to float game concepts or proposals, or to get feedback to gauge interest or help refine a concept for a game.

I gotta run - things to do IRL.  Dig in and enjoy!
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Mon 29 Jan 2018
at 19:30
Hi from Zude
Awesome. Thanks guys/gals ! !