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 Dark Army:
 Out to Lunch
Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 18:00
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Per the message in the top right of the home screen.... I'm pretty sure it's Jase. :)

Happy birthday to the one who started it all and keeps it running! Our days wouldn't be the same without RPoL and all the tireless hours you've put into it all these years! Cheers! Hope you are doing something fun for yourself and not RPoL related. ;)
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 18:04
Happy Birthday, indeed!
I will hop on the bandwagon and add my birthday wishes as well!
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 18:22
Happy Birthday, indeed!
I thought it was RPoL's anniversary or summat. Regardless, Happy Birthday!
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 19:09
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Indeed !..Happy B-day!.In all my years of PBP  gaming, this is  by far, the best site!..
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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 19:23
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Intellectual productiveness is one of the greatest joys - if not the greatest one - of human existence. It is not everyone who can write a play, or build a bridge, or even make a good joke. But in chess RPOL everyone can, everyone must be intellectually productive, and so can share in this select delight. I have always a slight feeling of pity for the man person who has no knowledge of chess RPOL, just as I would pity the man person who has remained ignorant of love. ChessRPOL, like love, like music, has the power to make manpeople happy.
Siegbert Tarrasch

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Wed 20 Mar 2019
at 22:44
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Happy birthday, Jase! Thank you for RPOL :)
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 The broken clock
 is a comfort...
Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 01:07
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Happy Birthday, Jase! Many happy returns!
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 01:30
Happy Birthday, indeed!
I'd sing Happy B-day to you, but I can't find the link, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
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 A Giant Shei draws near!
Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 02:25
Happy Birthday, indeed!
It's still Wednesday in my time zone, so Happy Birthday, jase!
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Thu 21 Mar 2019
at 03:06
Happy Birthday, indeed!
Happy Birthday Jase!