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Sun 17 Mar 2019
at 21:27
Shadowrun GURPs 4E mock

My GM is running a GURPs 4E Shadowrun game, and most of us are new to the setting.  As we adjust to the setting (from mostly fantasy), we're doing some mock combats to test out the rules.  Since we have a ton of knowledge here, I thought I'd ask what weapons and armor would be good for testing.

My character is carrying a Screamer pistol and using the Beam Weapons: Projector skill.  In one of the previous tests he carried this load:

Assault Flamer UT127
5d burn   ACC-jet   range-50/150  weight-5.6/2C   ROF-1   shots-28(3)  Bulk-3   ST-5   RCL-1

Underbarrel Vortex Projector  UT134
spec-(1 yard)+1d-3-cr-DKB   ACC-2   range-20/40  weight-5(3)   ROF-1   shots-10(3)  RCL-1

Tangler Grenades (4)
40mm Warhead   ST-24 (+2/layer)

Any recommendations on a good weapon or set of weapons to teat out in the next test?  I was thinking about an Electrolaser rifle to see how the knockout power looks.  Seems like a really nice weapon for non-lethal combat at TL 8-9.

I had also thought about a conventional gun with specialized rounds as well.

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Tue 19 Mar 2019
at 08:22
Shadowrun GURPs 4E mock
I am also in this game, so I'll be interested to see what recommendations get made.
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Tue 19 Mar 2019
at 11:28
Re: Shadowrun GURPs 4E mock
Seems like a really nice weapon for non-lethal combat at TL 8-9.

The great thing about the Electrolaser (versus other 'stun' weapons) is that it also works on cyberware, robots, and electronics.
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Tue 19 Mar 2019
at 13:57
Re: Shadowrun GURPs 4E mock
That's probably what I'm going to test next.  I really like the weapon.  Whether or not it's practical...  That's another thing altogether.