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Sat 24 Nov 2018
at 22:30
Don't get me started...
I was inspired by a facebook post, so let's play a game.

The rules: Post an angry rant about a random topic provided by the previous poster. This does not need to be your actual opinion. Please avoid IRL controversial topics like religion, politics, and current events...this is supposed to be just for fun. Then provide the next topic.

Example to start us off: Jellybeans.

Don't get me started on jellybeans. I mean, I like 'em just fine when they're those specialty ones like Jelly Babies, but regular jellybeans are too big and too unimaginative. You get maybe half a dozen flavors, if that, and one of them is always, always that purple grape which doesn't taste anything at all like real grapes. It's just what we've all learned to call grape because it doesn't taste remotely like anything else. Oh, and if you're really unlucky, you get licorice-flavored jellybeans. Yuck! It's such a strong taste, and it lingers. It overpowers anything else, and then you just have to sit there until the taste goes away. And what the heck is the white one supposed to be? Seriously. I can never tell. Coconut? Argh!

Next topic: clocks.

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Sat 24 Nov 2018
at 23:41
Don't get me started...
In reply to The Stray (msg # 1):

So what's with the system tray clock in XFCE for Linux Mint?  Edit the frazzlin' thing to display 12-hour time (at my wife's request) and it collapses into a minuscule nebbish of a blank tray button so it's almost impossible to click on to change it back.

Hunted for nearly half an hour before I thought to try a custom time string (bolded the 12-hour time string) and got the flippin' thing to work.  (Yeah it's my first experience with Linux Mint.  I'm mainly a PCLinuxOS kinda guy.)

It doesn't state it in the rules, but if I'm supposed to supply the next rant topic, let's see now...  Cats.
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Sun 25 Nov 2018
at 06:54
Don't get me started...
Cats.  You cats need to remember that games can not be played in public forums.

Next topic... oh... never mind.

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