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Need to contact a moderator?

Posted by cruinne
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Tue 23 Oct 2007
at 18:09
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Need to contact a moderator?

Hello all!

Just a note here to let everyone know what to do should they need to contact a moderator.  Moderators can be contacted with questions on RPoL policy, requests for technical help with the site, and so on.

RPoL has one administrator (jase), seven Site Moderators (IronSite, elSpike, Shannara, Skald, cruinne, Jhael, and bigbadron).

There are two ways to contact us:
  1. (Preferred) Use rMail.  When using rMail, click the "Compose a new rMail" link, and then check the "To/cc Moderators" box.  This will send the rMail to jase and all site Moderators.  If you're contacting a Forum Moderator, simply address the rMail to them.

  2. Use email.  When using email, you can address it to our RPoL name (for example, I am  Be sure to tell us your RPoL user name in the email -- it's not always obvious.

We prefer to be contacted via rMail, using the "To/cc" checkbox because this allows us a faster response -- whichever Moderator reads the rMail can deal with it, and we all have a record that it was dealt with.  When using email, especially if contacting jase, be prepared to be patient as you may need to wait a week or so for a reply.

Some important notes here.

  • Do not use our email addresses for anything that is not directly related to RPoL.  Signing us up for (or inviting us to) any site using these addresses will cause you to be unwelcome at RPoL, as will including us in mass email forwards from you of virus warnings, jokes, and so on.

  • Do not contact us in the Heaven forum.  This was done until May of 2007, but Heaven is no longer used for contacting site Moderators or jase.  Only use rMail or email.  Heaven is now only for resource listings.

  • Do not contact us in the Chamber of Lost Souls forum.  That forum was set up for informational purposes only and should not be used to contact site Moderators.

  • Do not address public posts in others' threads to the Moderators.  This is considered to be derailing and off topic.  Contact us privately instead.

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