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18:42, 17th April 2024 (GMT+0)

Version 1.6.49.

Posted by jase
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Sat 7 Jun 2008
at 04:44
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Version 1.6.49

Major:  We also moved to a brand new server!

  • Fixed a grammatical error or tow.
  • Fixed a problem where re-editing a preview of a private message edit would reset the message contents.
  • Increased the default game limit to five.
  • Removed an error message being displayed for GMs when there were no private messages in the game.
  • Fixed a problem where numbers wouldn't be counted as part of a legitimate message.
  • Stopped message previews showing HTML hyperlinks as being valid for users.  (Auto-hyperlinking does still work, however.)
  • Updated the auto-hyperlinking to detected the new help links.
  • Added a text area for users to enter in some (any) information about themselves they wish.  Available under the "User Preferences" screen.
  • Expanded the game genre selections so GMs can select up to three genres for their game.
  • Reorganised the main menu to facilitate the multiple-genre options.
  • Changed the browsing and searching functionality into one integrated search on the main menu.
  • Added the CODA system to the dice roller.
  • Added generic "target number" system to the dice roller.
  • Fixed loophole in the "Wanted - Players" forum that users were exploiting.
  • The popup stickylist no longer refreshes (thus giving redundant alerts) when you click on a link.
  • Fixed a way where people could find out if a moderator (but not which) was playing a PC in a game by playing around with rMail.
  • Fixed a loophole where people with rMail disabled could reply to rMails to non-moderators.
  • Fixed a loophole where people with banned accounts could compose (and reply to) rMails to non-moderators.
  • Moved more functionality to the SQL databases.
  • Optimised the rMail SQL queries.
  • Added thread list paging to rMail.
  • New account names now must be four or more characters long.
  • Fixed an error with the dice roller that stopped the "Reason for roll" text staying if there was a problem with chosen die/options.
  • Added a header when viewing a thread of basic thread details.  For those with short memories.
  • Fixed bug that caused a thread to lose its group details when a player edited the first message in a thread that the GM posted on their behalf.
  • Added "reply" link for each message in a thread which allows easy replying and reference to the message.
  • Made browsers (that didn't already) scroll to the end of message text when there was already some (eg quote, reply and editing).
  • Blocked new user registrations using, a disposable email service.  (Yahoo addresses with hyphens in them were also previously blocked for a similar reason.)
  • Fixed a bug where when a GM edited any message but the first and selected 'Bump' it would lose the notice status of the thread.
  • Stopped HTML code from working in rMail subjects.
  • Added the ability to block users from using the adult section of the site (i.e. games labelled as having adult content).
  • Added the Unisystem system to the dice roller.
  • The thread download function now offers to include the message number.
  • Visitors to a game can now view the dice roller (but not roll dice).

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